By Anonymous - 05/03/2017 12:00

Today, I have a gigantic zit inside my left nostril. Good news: no one can see it and no need for makeup on it. Bad news: my nose really itches, and I constantly feel like I'm about to sneeze it out like a foreign object. FML
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I'd suggest you not to pop it. Imagine pus flowing out. Good, I'll let myself out...

Ugh I hate it when that happens. I always end up trying to pop it then stuff a load of tissue up my nostril to soak up the, uhm, fluids (yuck). Not comfortable or pleasant, hope it passes and heals quickly

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Get rubbing alcohol and a q tip to dry it out

That would probably cause them to have nose bleeds from the mucus that's supposed to line the nose being dried up.

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I would actually get it checked out -- I get sores in/around my nose a few times a year, and they are not pimples (at least in my case). They are INCREDIBLY sore & tender, and are actually a form of impetigo (a staph infection). Highly contagious, and staph is not good! Your dr. will give you a cream to heal it.