By Anonymous - 28/01/2010 11:00 - Norway

Today, I woke up with a hangover. I had a party last night. Besides a stolen TV, someone seemingly decided to take a dump in my piano. FML
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doink 0

Talk about a party-pooper, eh? Har, har, har....

pcegrl22 0

sounds like a rager!


pcegrl22 0

sounds like a rager!

RaKum12 0

ur fault 4 bein stupid n gettin wasted at ur party

sounds like a good a party

UsaTrackstar 0

shut up virgin

natedog193 0


ErezMA 0

You type like a moron.

Hot_Gurl4556 0

lol 76 anyways dude that's gonna be fun to pick up

looks like someone found the brown note

FYL for having friends/knowing people that would come to your home and take a crap in your piano. edit- seemingly? They either took a dump or didn't...there's not very much that can be mistaken for human excrement, save for animal poop. Even then, FYL for knowing people that would put animal poop in your piano.

The language in this FML is absolutely awful. It was actually difficult for me to read.

chadwick110480 0

I was going to say/type something like that, but you said it better and you corrected his seemingly- great- I can't spell for shit, but I do get a kick out of the "grammar Nazi's." feel free to correct me anytime. :)

In this case "Nazi's" shouldn't have an apostrophe.

omnistryder 0


^^ chad looks like a complete douesher

At least he's man enough to actually put up a picture.

Maybe he did it?

That's the reason why you never make a party at your home! Because you ahve to clean up the whole shit!


well said. cleaning up shit sucks!

Nice party.

sourgirl101 28

I saw who it was that did it! It was the guy drinking the 151

Peter_File 0

Hahahahahahahahahahaha I laughed :D it must be crap for you but I can imagine how funny it will seem in 2 years :P

exactly, haha! sounds like something that could happen to ted from how I met your mother

doink 0

Talk about a party-pooper, eh? Har, har, har....

luke1998 0

omfg good one lmao

Your choice of friends shows you're an idiot.

you shouldn't get yourself that over the top wasted anyway.

ChadHelton 8

never had problems like that because I'm not friends with assholes. drunk and break shit, yup. #12 kudos on your and you're.

Yeah it wouldn't have happened if he'd kept a Handel on the situation.

youthink_fml 0

Exactly why children shouldn't drink and neither should people that have children as friends. YDI.