By ryu1356 - 22/09/2015 13:24 - United States - Dallas

Today, my company let me go after 3 months. A day before my wedding and with zero advance notice. FML
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Are they allowed to do that? I thought jobs had to give you notice.

Damn that's a lot of bills to pay without a job. FYL


Damn that's a lot of bills to pay without a job. FYL

how long ago did you plan your wedding?

Ok I seriously want to know why this has any negative votes at all

Jobs have a 90 day probation period where they can fire you if they do not like your woke ethic or productivity. He obviously had something wrong with the way he worked so they let him go. Yeah they should've given a notice but it's still within their rights to do it.

during those 90 days they can fire because they don't like your face. They most likely won't tell you that lol

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Well at least you can take as long a honeymoon as you want now!

Are they allowed to do that? I thought jobs had to give you notice.

If they're firing/letting someone go I don't think they're required. Now if you're quitting you usually give the employer a notice.

A lot of jobs have a probationary period (usually 3 months actually) in which time they don't have to give you notice to fire you

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Most employers dont have to give any notice, and why would they? You would probably do terribly and/or sabotage the work environment. Also, Op, your employers dont owe you any loyalty at all. Dont ever expect it. But it goes the other way too, you dont owe your boss or your coworkers any loyalty. It can be awful, especially when youre about to have your life changed in a major way. Good luck with the wedding and hopefully this wont ruin it too bad.

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Texas is a right to work state. They can fire you for just about anything.

Here most places have a probationary period that is usually 3 or 6 months when you are new to the company. During they time they can let you go without reason/notice. But once your probation is over the laws here make it pretty hard to fire you, they need really good reasons then.

depends on if the state is a right to work state. right to work state protects employers not employees. they don't have to give a reason, but if they do give one and down the road that was not the actual reason for the firing, that's when it becomes illegal.

Many states are considered "at will". They don't have to give you a reason, just as much as you don't have to give notice. I've never heard of a company say "hey Jane, in 11 days don't come back."

it depends on the state i know sc doesn't have to

I kinda want a follow-up FML about how you payed for the wedding.

Given that the wedding was the day after, I would imagine it was already paid for.

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Weird. I had almost the exact same thing happen. It was 12/23 married on 1/1. But they expect 2 weeks notice.

That's when you're quitting to go to a different job. If you're getting fired I don't think businesses are required to give a notice.

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They hope for 2 weeks' notice, but only expect it if you want a good job refetence. I always have put in a 2 week notice, but only because I want my future employets to give me a good review when I apply elsewhere.

Well you get a whole new start. New marriage , New job, maybe new town too.

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Really? You have to go through all that bullshit? They obviously don't care that you have bills to pay on top of the wedding. I hate employers like that.

What do you mean by "let go"? if you were fired, then no you're not going to get advanced notice.

Unfortunately you live in an at-will-employment state therefore, as rude as that is, your boss acted legally.