By Anonymous - 29/08/2014 02:48 - United States - Encinitas

Today, my butt decided to delete the 650 photos I had on my phone. FML
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Hope it teaches you a lesson in 'backing' up data.

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To be honest, that's quite impressive.


Hope it teaches you a lesson in 'backing' up data.

I am ASStounded at how this could happen.

No need to be such assholes about it!

Butt, if there was a passcode, your butt couldn't unlock it and get to the photos to delete them

What it it pressed the right BUTTons.

Getting real tired of your shit, Butt.

You have a one heck of a smartphone/buttphone 1st unlocking the screen then going to menu then gallery then selecting all the pictures then selecting delete option and confirming the yes box is a huge process. Indeed a FYL situation

Sounds like an asshole thing to do. Sorry you lost your pics.

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tayymeds 23

To be honest, that's quite impressive.

I have over 25,000 pictures on my phone. I think like 15 of them are of me. Yeah, I'm not ashamed.

One of the many reasons why it's best to password protect your phone

There are LOADS of pieces of software to recover deleted filed, OP. Google before you FML

Yes for a phone. I accidentally deleted about 1000 photos off my android. I got an app, and the one that goes with it for my laptop, and it recovered all the photos. Deleting a photo doesn't really "delete" it, it basically allows the space that was occupied by that picture to be overwritten, so as long as you don't overwrite that space with something new, it can be recovered!

If OP has an iPhone they may be backed up on iCloud for her to retrieve them. Hope you find them OP. Accidentally deleting pictures really sucks.

You should Put a password, even if you're forgetful, 1-2-3-4 can stop your butt from entering your phone

Having an ass is living with the enemy. First, it flirts with men when you're not looking, then it deletes the pictures from your phone.