By Anonymous - 10/01/2014 16:12 - United States - Shelbyville

Today, my boyfriend saw a YouTube video of a guy throwing boiling water into the cold air, with the water immediately turning to ice and vapor. He copied it, but only succeeded in dousing himself with boiling water, then making me drive his idiot self to the hospital. FML
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Didn't he hear the "kids don't try this at home part" lol sorry OP


Didn't he hear the "kids don't try this at home part" lol sorry OP

Carton from carton and boomer tried this yesterday and doused himself in boiling water. Seems a lot of idiots have tried this in the past two days.

Well don't worry guys, don't rush too fast to the hospital. It's not like we have a shortage of idiots or anything

I heard about 50 of these idiots around the US did the same thing and ended up scalding themselves enough to go to the hospital.

Don't they know they are supposed to throw the water away from themselves? It takes the smallest amount of common sense to know that.

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My brother did it and tried to get me to help...

You're no better than they are -.- there's such thing as wind? Yes they can throw it in the direction the wind is blowing but there fingers will still get scalded.

I did it at home but made sure to throw the water away from me. The rest of the water that didn't vaporize landed in a pool.

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It was an ice attempt. Though if it's not that cold than I see why he failed snow badly.

I guess puns are always going to get thumbed up, regardless of how awful the execution is.

seems like you two got the cold shoulder

Maybe he should do research before he try's something next time :O

This is why we have warning labels and warning messages...

"Please do not boil this water and throw it on yourself in an attempt to copy a YouTube video"?

Anyone else think we should get rid of warning labels and just let natural selection take it's course?

Yep, #30, I do agree. Warning labels only protect those on the edge of too stupid to live. The truly too-stupid-to-live tend to ignore 'em and do it anyway, and those of us with at least 3 brain cells to our name manage to know already that toasters are hot, electricity and water shouldn't mix, you don't pour hot coffee in your lap while driving, and that boiling water is not a toy.


The lady wasn't driving, and she wasn't even in the driver's seat. She was in her 80s, her grandson was PARKED, and the coffee spilled over her, causing third degree burns down to the BONE on her thighs and crotch. Furthermore, she initially contacted McDonald's to ask them to cover her medical bills (totaling close to $20 grand). They offered her $800. THAT is why she sued. The essence, 33, of what I'm saying, is that if you don't have a damned clue what you're talking about, feel free to shut the **** up. (This all being a response to 33's mention of the coffee lawsuit in his comment)

#57, I think #33's mention of the lawsuit was meant to be funny. Not to get you on your high horse so you could rant unnecessarily about something that really doesn't even matter.

Hey #57 you are absolutely right, that hot coffee was too hot.... And it's totally possible for an 8oz cup of water to boil skin and muscle and fat off to the bone..... That totally wasn't bullshit made up to win an American kangaroo court case. But we'll pretend that actually happened, so let's change the mcdonalds reference. Here's one warning label since mcdonalds got sued, eating this fatty shit will make you fat and clog your arteries. Is that "mo betta fo ya?"

#57 I don't see anywhere in #33's comment where it says they are referencing that lawsuit.... way to come to your own conclusion and look like an ass bud

My mention of it was not from the McDonalds lawsuit, but from one of my friends who spilled coffee all over himself and the inside of his car cause he was trying to drive with a coffee mug in his hand and hit a speedbump.

He isn't the only one, many idiots have been doing that....and here is me thinking the "Don't try at home" thing was useless.

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My managers tried it and posted the video on Facebook. I don't how they manage to manage this place

Haha I heard about that on the news. Soo many failures

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Dumb ass. Please use caution before breeding with him.

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I feel your annoyance OP my boyfriend try's stupid shit too and it gets really old really fast.

It really does work though... I've done it before! It has to be extremely cold though and if the water isn't near boiling temperature or hotter it doesn't work because the individual molecules need to be far apart.

I agree I have done it successfully also, you just have to be careful.

OP's boyfriend must've thrown it up instead of away from himself

Trying new things isn't always the smartest idea.