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By  Flutist  |  3

Uh, yeah, I know you want the world to know how cool you are, but leaving that shit in the car only means someone is going to go, "oooh shiny" and steal it.

By  StaticDown  |  0

I always hide my mp3 player and I don't even have a GPS, keep those away and lock your car! I'm sure someone must have seen a break in unless you left it unlocked and they looked like they owned the car. Or depends where it was parked... Next time think a little... I'd go crazy without my mp3 player or some form of music... Sucks to be you... I'm putting both YDI and FYL... Where I live a chance of that happening is slim, most people don't even lock their cars how safe they feel... :S

  TallMist  |  32

Some people need a GPS to get their way around. Either if they're new drivers, have bad sense of direction, are travelers, or a combination of the above. Why tell them to sell the GPS instead of the MP3?

By  turdburgers  |  0

What did you think would happen? I always take my ipod with me in my purse when I exit my car. I don't even leave it in the glove compartment, it stays with me at all times.

By  Starfire22  |  5

ooo that sucks but sometimes shit happens I'm not gonna say ydi cause I kno sometimes I forget to put my gps n iPod out if sight. it happens especially of I'm running late for sone thing I mean the iPod and gps don't really cross your mind when your cutting it thin on time. everyone has those days so just suck it up, look for a job, and then re- buy the gps n mp3