By Merith2004 - United States - Spring Branch
Today, while at a funeral for a distant family member, I was giving my condolences to the family. When one of them asked how I was doing, I replied with, "I'm still alive!", which is one of my standard responses due to being a cashier and being asked that question a hundred times a day. FML
Merith2004 tells us more :
hey everyone. thanks for being understanding for the most part. this was just one of the "I wasnt thinking" kind of things. dont worry though: I got several slaps on the back of then head from cousins who were in earshot.
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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I don't think OP deserves an "YDI." OP didn't mean any harm. As soon as OP realized his words, he knew he made an inappropriate comment. I'm sorry for your loss, OP.

  drewflav  |  17

23 - If a cashier is being genuine, it'll be pretty obvious. If they're having a really good day, they'll be pretty bubbly. If they're having a shitty day, either you'll hear generic responses or they won't talk at all. If they're having a REALLY shitty day, they might start being honest!

  cmac86  |  23

or if they work at a pet store, like me, and I'm two minutes from clocking out a cat lady comes up with 550 cans of assorted cans of cat food, you may see a very fake smile on your face, but with eyes saying "f--- you"'

  _kyleG_  |  34

Sometimes things slip, you know? We can't all be perfect every single second of every single unfortunate situation we find ourselves in. Hence FML :P

By  WCARlover  |  34

As a cashier myself I always just say "I'm doing well, thanks" but when some customers actually question me about it like "are you really?" I am always taken aback so your response might be better haha. I'll just be sure to keep that response at the store :p

  drewflav  |  17

Your standard reply is the same as mine, I use OP's when I'm feeling a bit crabby while around my regulars, sometimes I'll actually be honest if it's really good or horrible and I know they can handle it (otherwise response #1 or #2 apply).

It's hard to come up with a different response to repeat questions like that... easier to just turn it around.

We retail people feel for you OP!


my usual reply on good days is "Im okay. you?" on crappy days I say "Could be better but could be worse. you?"
on hell days I just smile and dont reply.