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Today, my boyfriend broke up with me while we were at the pool. He seemed shocked that I wasn't crying. A slim girl in a bikini walked past and said, "Don't worry, fat people are used to it." FML
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karma is gonna gets it's revenge on her

What a dumb bitch. You should have sat on her


karma is gonna gets it's revenge on her

You should have said "I'm sorry your boney fingers feel like pins, but no need to be jealous of us."

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It's okay to some people being bigger than a size 2 is " fat " ignore it

LiveLaughFML 10

no worries OP, at least you have natural fat tissues inside of you, while the rude bitch probably has to inject some kind of tissue inside of her(:

I would have bitch slapped her and said at least I'm not some ugly mother ****** like her

"No officer, I don't know how she drowned."

goebsy 8

"Wow, you're a bitch AND you get into people's personal lives. Nice combo."

bizarre_ftw 21

Those seem like the makings of a ****!

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lol I agree with 15 :p

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Sorry, but you are a dumbass and you're wrong. Being slim doesn't make you attractive, it makes you one of the luckier people in the world. I know plenty of ugly slim people, but also beautiful people who aren't deemed "slim". You may be slim, but you have a repulsive personality, which ultimately makes you unattractive to the nth degree.

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103- You're obviously not a very good person.

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just because you are healthy and slim, doesnt mean you should be rude to other people.

Curves are so much prettier.

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Brotip #965 Being attractive is not an excuse for being a shitty person

Jaimegirl 7

And that's what you call "a bitch"

103- have you ever heard a guy say he doesn't like curves? How ppl want to look or already look has nothing to do with you

AriadneBelle 3

15 - So your response to someone insulting you is to turn and insult the person next to you? OP's boyfriend didn't do anything wrong, if anything, it sounds like he let her down easy. If you're going to zing someone, start with bratty bikini girl.

You know what I find amusing? It's the fact that the commenters seem to find that the slim girl was directly involved with the break-up. Somehow I think that the gun should be pointed at the ex-boyfriend. Figuratively of course, since he obviously isn't worth wasting a real bullet on.

I hope it does. Cause some people can just be so mean and ignorant. It really disgusts me.

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yay! for brotips

103- fat people are NOT ugly. What makes a person ugly is his bad attitude and ignorance. Beauty IS skin deep :) and anyway, not all fat people are unhealthy. Some skinny people are sick too. It all depends on how u take care of yourself. Please don't be quick to judge. Though I understand that people on the bigger side do need to take care of their wellbeing. And so does a skinny person. Honestly , size doesn't matter. It's what inside does. I know this is cliche. But it's true. I just didn't really like how you phrased your statement. It just sounds so mean :(

Fat=natural botox

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I'd have wished ugly on her in her next life.

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okay this deamner dude of wtf ever his her name is is being a dick wad. Just cuz she didnt say she was thin maybe she esnt like a size 0 maybe she is an average HEALTHY person so what quit hating dumb ass

0opsie 6

Slim doesn't equal bony and sickly, just like fat doesn't equal lazy and unhealthy. If you're going to defend someone who's been insulted by their body type, how about not stooping to the same level?

Deamoner just give up no one is agreeing with you and all your comments are being buried.

man your logic is as retarded as your grammar... be quiet little one

186 although i agree with you, i think it is more of a 50/50 kind of deal, you don't flirt qwith people because they seem nice, i think that to get to know that person you need to find them atractive, but once you get to know them you decide whether you want to stay with them or not

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Jesus! At the beginning of the comment there were wins everywhere! Up until douchebag deamoner or whatever commented.

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103 is right don't vote him down, if she is fat then why does she why is she posting this on FML. but I think she was going for the other person being nosy.

prince122 0

103 is right don't vote him down, if she is fat then why does she why is she posting this on FML. but I think she was going for the other person being nosy.


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Stupid people are ugly! Drop dead and retract yourself from the collective genepool!

Duojet 2

There are many studies out there that say you don't have to be thin to be healthy. If you are a large person that is active you are likely more healthy than a sedentary thin person.

228- yes of course :) one has to be attractive. But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder :) it is one's responsibility to be attractive :) all rounded kind of attractive :) and just cause someone is fat, doesn't mean she can't be attractive. :)

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103 i know I'm kinda late but you need to get that stick out of your ass (if you have one) and live in the real world ... Kayy bye

you probably have a small penis!!! soo why dont you grow some nuts and dont write hurtful shit

There seems to be something missing here.......

sure doesn't seem that way based on the way you answer

I never said fat people where unatractive or ugly, i just replied to the person who said that beauty is skin deep, i do agree with that person but i think they have to be atractive un the outside as well, every person has their own perception of beauty, it is what makes the world experience different to everybody

313-lol it's the same person silly! :p it's me :p anyway, thanks for your input :)) what you said it's right :) different people have different perspective :)


103 you are breaking the rules of conduct questioning the grounds that this FML be classified an FML you sir should be banned and 125 like Julia Roberts

I believe health > looks, no?

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well some ppl like me are skinny and can't do anything about it because I have high metabolism. I try my best to gain weight. so I don't think it matters if your skinny or overweight. it's who you are.

Dax_3 2

Case in point, Anna Nicole Smith. When she was heavier, it made her more attractive. Now she's just bony. I guess some people like that.

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STFU, whata bitch!

ignorant witch!

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looks>health at least to a 15 year old

koolkat27 13

300- it could very well be your brain that's missing.

133 I'm healthy and slim but I don't make of people who are fat by saying lose some weight sure I **** around like that with my friends but I'm not gonna go up to someone and say "stop eating ice cream and cake it's bad for you" I'm not a douche. And also the correct term of fat is overfat and overweight drtp

She's probably just jealous that you are not freakishly skinny or anorexic.... Skinny people normally don't have as good curves ;)

Drfucked 9

In the shape of a baseball bat.

What a dumb bitch. You should have sat on her

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flockz 19

it's ok OP, it's just sticks and stones right? and besides, those bounce off of you anyway so you're ok!

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27- LOL

#27 sticks and stones may break my bones :D, but words will scar forever :(

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She was in a pool, it would take too long to get out and then chase her down to sit on her. The laws of physics are playing against her here. I suggest waiting for her to get into the pool and then sink on top of her in the shallow end of the pool. "No officer, I purposely sat on the skinny bitch's head. I could not have mistaken her for a flotation device, nothing that small could save someone's life."

Although **** it, even if you stay 'fat' or whatever your entire life and she's forever the slender bikini wearer doesn't make her any better than you.

Haha good times

89- don't talk about laws of physics if you don't even realize that fat is buoyant so it would be harder for a fat person to sink.

And then say--> Don't worry, Flat people are used to it 0.0

65, that was just inspiring ;)

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Little in the middle but she got much back!

tatsmcgrath 4

#75 it's "sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me" ;)

No you all have it wrong it's "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but my foot will break your face." geez get it right.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me; unless they are carved in stone and thrown.

75 - I believe it's "Chicks in cones may give me bones, but words will never hurt me" :D

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Never trust the distraction!

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Take the hint

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I would have punched her. Just saying.

wth? you shoulda fought her.

Cause fighting her would solve everything. Are you in middle school?

Thank you, Captain_Obvious, for making sense.

mangoboy1 19

Or sit on her.

Well for one thing it'll teach her to think twice about putting down random people.

Yarrachel 16

Is that when you drowned her in the pool?

dickydickman 0

more cushion for the pushin right?

Disgusting! It's all about fit!

dickydickman 0

I like a girl that's filled out nice, not all skin and bones

It's all about being healthy.

lul, appropriate user name ;)

loool im gonna ask sirin if i can keep my badges if i make a new account... ima kinda proud of them, which sounds sad but i dont have many achievements :P

fat chicks ate like scooters. fun to ride until your friend sees.

Fat girls are the way to go, the bigger the better

Time to slap a hoe.

abceasyas123abc 12

It's a great way to shake all the dirt off.

koolkat27 13

8- I jizzed in my pants when I saw ur pic

Glitterhinoceros 14

Suffocate her in a damn beach towel

slushpup9696 12

Or, sit on her.

^^^ Irony is when everyone says the way to get revenge on people who stereotype fat people is to sit on them

A beach towel...they were at the pool but i see what u were gettin at al sharpton

Glitterhinoceros 14

Yes, a beach towel. People aren't going to bring bath towel to a pool, and I've never heard of a pool towel.

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I like the idea of sitting on her

^ cuz your an idiot.. Your proving what StoryOfTheYear was saying

ariannaa_fml 17

Did you undo her bikini top?

KiddNYC1O 20

That's flattering.

Hey! This doesn't have anything to do with the FML, but we have the same name and spelling 10 :D

chickenwalrus 14

61, this also has nothing to do with the FML, but every time i see the picture that you have your profile picture as, i smile a little bit

#10 the conceded B!!@/ would have liked that;/

Well she's a bitch.

sunlovinmama 1

Talk about adding insult to injury.. Props to you OP for calling her "slim" and not skinny or something ugly after her rude comment.