By jadkins - 06/07/2009 19:33 - Netherlands

Today, I was flirting with this cute girl from Croatia who is part of the my exchange group in Holland. After a few beers and some smooth talking, she led me inside to a closed off room. We were about to have sex when her boyfriend of 2 years called and proposed to her. FML
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Who proposes over the phone, especially when she's in another country?

Did you KNOW she had a boyfriend? If so, you deserve it, but otherwise FYL.


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How's it an FHL? He went to go have drunken sex with someone he barely knew. The OP totally deserves it.

absentinsanity6 0

yea, and F her boyfriend's life as well.

curryndricegirll 0

FYL? More like F her boyfriends life! geez, I hope you told him!

I'd say it's probably a bit of both. F OP's life and F the boyfriend's life. You guys are all assuming that OP is saying FML because he got cockblocked. Maybe he means that he feels horrible for almost having sex with another guys girlfriend. I know I'd feel terrible if I was almost 'The other woman'. I certainly hope the boyfriend found out right then and never became the fiancé.

Did you KNOW she had a boyfriend? If so, you deserve it, but otherwise FYL.

Why would he propose over the phone? That's just not classy!

Coulda been worse... he could have called to propose WHILE you were having sex with her. Awkward.

Who proposes over the phone, especially when she's in another country?

+1. Shoulda have proposed to her BEFORE she left.

You don't propose BEFORE a trip...then they no...You propose after the trip so there are no interruptions and everything runs smoothly. Besides...if they leave after you could scare them and they might look to find And who cares? You ****** her anyways, right?

Yup, that's why I call BS on this FML....not even a drunk turd would propose to his GF on the phone....stupid. She probably just lied so she wouldn't have to have sex with OP....

A psychic-ass boyfriend, that's who o_O;;;

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Exactly. +5 points for failed romance.

Actually I have a friend whose boyfriend proposed to her over the phone, he's a really nice guy and they are now happily married.

I agree. She should of said no, freakin douche. Obviously he dosent have the guts to even be with her...

QueenOfMelodrama 0

Well she was ALREADY looking for some "fun" so your theory there fails. F her boyfriend's life.

badluckalex 23

proposing over the phone is so stupid. when people ask about it all you can say is, "oh, he called me while I was at work one day." wtf?! also, if i proposed to someone I would want to make it at least somewhat romantic

More like F his life, he has a ***** for a girlfriend / possible fiance.

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lol. unintentionally cockblocked from hundreds of miles away. ouch

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EXACTLY what I was thinking.

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I go with #4, you are dumb as a post to propose over the phone. But to the OP, did she say yes?