By mchhhoi - Canada
Today, my boyfriend and were I getting it on in his bedroom where he had all of his anime models on display. I accidentally knocked over one of his models and it fell on to the floor. He got angry and kicked me out. Apparently, making his models look good was more important than us making love. FML
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  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

Because the OP watched The 40 Year Old Virgin on TV this weekend and thought they would be clever by waiting till today to post it. I know I watched it, it was on twice at least.

  Noire_  |  0

Lol, that sounds like something my brother would do!
He has two shelves in his closet full of anime models, and he got sooo pissed when I accidentally knocked one over x)

By  aduck  |  0

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  blargity  |  0

#17 he may very well be a virgin but also probably really young too
#5 he isn't really a freak, only obsessive about his belongings
#7 she didn't treat it like junk, he did because left it where it would get knocked over
#12 "making love" is better than only using the word "sex" to describe how much she loves or loved him
#47 only "guys" who appreciate anime as an art form would like it but you definitely aren't a "real guy" if you don't accept that some people are what you would call "fags"
and to anyone who thinks he is a weeaboo: according to most definitions (not that i believe them or think he's a weeaboo), they never have sex

  intotheblue  |  0

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Having an action figure/model collecting hobby isn't a problem. The problem is the level of obsession. I mean, I can understand if the OP kicked something over her boyfriend likes and he stopped to pick it up for a moment. That's fine. What isn't fine is getting pissed and yelling at her for something that could easily be fixed and prevented by moving them away from his bed.


I wouldn't kick him out of the room if he knocked my iPhone over... I might stop for a moment to check if it's alright, or continue having sex because if it's fucked, it can wait anyway.

If it was actually broken, I'd be a little upset but realize it wasn't his fault and still talk about it, you know, and from what the OP says, the model didn't break- it just got mussed to some degree.


xD is not an anime face stupid.People who don't even know what anime is use it.
I like anime and manga and I love anything Japanese but I would be pretty mad if someone knocked one of my anime figures over, even if it was accidental.
Though he was the stupid one for putting it near the bed, one day he could have knocked it over as well,it was bound to happen.


Are you fucking stupid?

You "love" a fucking hunk of plastic?

To the OP: You deserve it for sleeping with a man that has anime ALL over his bedroom. Don't you outgrow that trash at like 17? God.

  diyos  |  15

Stealth, if he loves a "hunk of plastic" more than you clearly you're not even better than something that doesn't even move but still looks better than you

By  ctc9  |  0

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