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desperate times, desperate measures!


desperate times, desperate measures!

Well you're a slut then

If I were by myself maybe but with another person in the car? Definitely not.

Too bad you getting out of the car and walking away wasn't an option.

so now she gets a ticket for speeding and a ticket for indecent exposure.

Her mom getting her way ? Doubt it Her mom succeeding in making the police officer throw up ? Maybe Her mom embarrassing the hell out of her daughter ? Definitely

That's just nasty. Sometimes people should just accept their ticket if they deserve and not lose their dignity in front of their own children

Sadly, most people don't have any dignity these days.

Dignity is expensive

Truuu I buy people's dignity all the time and it ain't cheap...usually with $1's... I'm talking about tipping waiters you sickos

More expensive than a parking ticket, since OP's mother clearly pawned hers a long time ago.

Dignity is more optional than the speed limits.

That's so awful I'm so sorry for you OP

One time my mother tried to convince a police officer that she wasn't wearing her seat belt because she had such large breasts they were irritated by the friction. I feel your pain.

Time to call the Men in Black....

No, time to call dad.

I'm still trying to figure out why this got downvoted. I'm guessing from people who don't know / don't remember that the MIB have a neuralyzer that wipes your mind.

Oh you poor soul