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Today, my parents bought a new car with the money they made from selling mine. To make up for selling my car without telling me, they let me choose the make, model, and colour of the new car... which I just found out I'm not allowed to drive. FML
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skittlesftw tells us more.

I'm the op (just made an account) I bought the car with my money, and since they drove the car as well they paid for some maintance and insurance. They decided to sell the car without talking to me first, but said that I would be able to drive the new car they were going to buy. Turns out the insurance would be too expensve with me on it, hence the FML. Not all bad though, they feel guilty so they are sorting me out with a car once i finish uni. (only just found this bit out)

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wow that sucks I say take the keys and just go out

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Well, did you buy your car, or did they buy it for you?


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what kinda parents are they huh..?? they r all ur adopted and step patent..? :(

in soviet Russia. we have no court, everyone is bought by someone

So what kind of car don't you get to drive?

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Well if THEY bought the car, then it really isn't yours, so they could sell it if they wanted to. However, if YOU bought it and was paying for it, then it would be illegal for them to sell it. File a lawsuit if that's the case (which it most likely isn't.)

^ Adding on to this, if it was a birthday or graduation present for you, then it would be wrong (though not illegal) for them to do this.

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@42, just cause the OP was paying for the car dont make it illegal for the OP's parents to sell the car, like my sis has two vehicles that my mother paid for, and she could legally sell both of em whenever she wants.....

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Did anyone stop to even think about this FML??? lets look at the facts: OP is out a car OP gets to pick the make/model/color OP's parents bought the OP a car already..... This isnt an FML at all, the OP is getting a ******* new car..... OP, dont cry until the show is over....

agree with 26. if its your property, they can't sell it without you knowing, and they. arent allowed to kepp the money

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65- OP is not allowed to drive the car.

Yes, but OP also said they aren't allowed to drive the new car.

65- Reread the fml. if you need to, put on some 'makes less sense' glasses and you'll see. they were going to buy another car with what they got for the op's car and because they used the op's car they decided to have the op pick everything out just to tell op that they aren't allowed to drive it. OP doesn't get shit out of this.

@63: I said it was wrong. Hows about you actually read shit before you comment about it mmmmmkaay?

@65 omg. OP said he/she can't drive the car!!!! read the fml again 65. read. it. again.

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@65 we all bothered to think clearly about the fml you clearly didn't.

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lmao #85 and the funny thing is that he is probably an obese pedophile in real life.

My nipples are bigger than yours. it's going to be a good day.

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65- will you please read the fml correctly? the OP's parents sold his/her car to pay for the new car

Aw, I got mod-hammered. Don't be offended jisaac; it was a reference to "Community." Joel McHale is a tall glass of dreamy smartassery.

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OK guys think about this really, your pulling a prank on someone, it wouldnt seem as bad if your just gonna be like "this isnt your car, but hey, drive it whenever you want." no, they're going to say "you cant drive this"

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Yea, ill admit that im wrong, the OP commented down there.......

65 your a moron. learn to read dipstick :)

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Anyone else think that Jisaac is a retard?

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Dude if you get to choose the model choose like a ford pinto or Fred flintstones car for god sakes!

lol 65 is the smartest one here, ITS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT!

YDI for saying "colour". I hate Europeans.

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Did you even read the whole thing? At the end he states that his parents are forbidding him from driving it dumbass.

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Yea, but my logic was..... and see if you can stick with me through this..... they say "you cant drive this new car" to make it seem WORSE than what it already is. Idk bout the rest of the world, but my family/friends really like to tease with things. Like if they think that they know that they are getting a christmas gift we would give them something else in that box, and then give them the real gift.... So my family would say that the car wasnt for the person and then give it to them.....

U should go now and tear that car appart just for vengence :)

# 15, I agree... @OP, tell your parents to stop being fuckheads and make them pay you back or sue them / throw them in jail for auto theft.

76 : 65 is saying that it's a surprise, and her Parents were using devious tricks to surprise her. I could see it happening.

Parents also mess around with their children this might be the situation......

don't worry you'll be able to drive after you get your liscense.

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something tells me she has her liscenes and btw what are you driving now? it could be better than your old car.

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she doesn't have a car anymore ..

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that's not true. if you sell a car and buy one you end up with the same amount of cars. fail

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72- She's not driving anything now. They won't let her.

asianwolf 2

op worded it so it sounds like she just can't drive the new car.

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asianwolf just shut up, you're also retarded. And you can't spell "license."

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72 that's not that true... say my mom sold her car. and no it's some some Jaguar or something. but if she sold it she can maybe get two cars for 5000 if she sold it for 10k. or ten for 1k each lol I dont know who'd buy ten cheap cars at one time though.. :P

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anyone who owns a jag, if a newer model would never sell it.

that's some mean shit!! but yea parents r like

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wow that sucks I say take the keys and just go out

I would run it off a cliff like Youth in Revolt.

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or take the keys, and key it! bwahaha!!!!

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Well, did you buy your car, or did they buy it for you?

Your parents took their car and sold it to buy a new one. If you don't want that to happen then buy your own. YDI

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@23 She probably doesn't have the money yet to buy her own. Sh definately doesn't deserve it because not everyone can afford to buy a car whenever they want like you apparently can.

@28 Then she shouldn't be driving. If she's not old enough or responsible enough to manage paying for a 2nd hand car the way I and countless others did (ie: getting a job) then there's no reason she should be allowed to complain. I pay rent, albeit a fairly small amount, and also pay for my own tax/insurance/petrol/everything on the car fully in my own name working just a 16 hour week, so it's really not that tricky.

@TomFantastic - being able to afford a car and being responsible/mature enough to drive one aren't necessarily the same thing. I'm a responsible driver, but I couldn't afford my own car, but because I'm a decent enough driver for my parents to trust me they let me borrow their's. @OP - you really should be more specific in your definition of "your car" because for all we know your parents bought it for you and you hadn't paid anything for it (I say anything as it's entirely possible you were paying them back as you could afford or something).

34- I call bluff. It's really REALLY hard to pay for all that on your car with only 16 hours a week, unless of course you work as a rocket scientist for 16 hours a week. I work 25-40 hours a week and I can't comfortably pay for everything between my apartment and my car. Plus, unless you're parents drive you to work, how are you supposed to get to work without a car? I can understand that everyone wants the OP to go out and buy a car for $500-$1000 and stop complaining but the OP HAD a car (Who gives a rat's ass if it was given to them) to have it taken away. I've had something similar happen. My dad took my car away and I had to temporarily have my grandmother drive me to work until she could find me a cheap car, which where I live is $3000 most times. Then after a year of driving said secondhand p.o.s, I finally got the chance to get my own car. But it takes a lot of time and work to be in a financial position to get your own car. My new car is only $10,000 but I still needed a new job and a little help before I could do it on my own.

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@34 I'm guessing OP is a teenager who shouldn't actually be paying for all the things an adult like you are paying for. Being responsible and being able to drive and afford a car are two separate things. Her parents gave her the car probably and just took it away to buy a new one. For all we know she could be depending on it to get to school or to a small job. Hey she could be paying for her own stuff and her parents could just be assholes an take away her stuff because they can.

amazinggbaby 2

tom maybe she's too young to officially OWN a car. I also doubt you can pay for all of that and food only working 16 hours. Lying to prove a point just makes you look ignorant. if OP is a teen then doing all of that and going to school might not be possible. we don't know everything about this persons circumstance so it's not enough to say she's just irresponsible.

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How'd they sell your car without you knowing until the very end? That's absurd.

steal the car keys, go for a joy ride and crash it

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And be prosecuted for Taking Without Owner's Consent. Genius.

Ummm. Why not? Was it a really nice car and they claimed it as theirs or something? Or are they just people you just want to punch in the dick?