By Anonymous - 07/12/2010 14:47 - Canada

Today, I built a snowman. When I'd finished, I went inside to get a scarf and carrot for the nose. As I came back outside, a snowplough ran it over, and the driver waved at me. FML
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molly_runner tells us more.

for all you guys that dont understand this, its a SIDEWALK plow .

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r6_fml 4

You should have built it around a fire hydrant. That would've slowed the bastard down.

Wave back at him, but close 4 fingers of your choosing.


That's pretty funny.

blonderabbit 0

lol! thats what i was thinking! maybe it was on a sidewalk or driveway?

Today, I learned not to build snowmen in the road. Apparently, life isn't really like Calvin & Hobbes. FML

Marvin_Android 0

Sounds heartwrenching. Yet again, another FML that contains a situation which is but an illustration of what existence really is. You exist but for a brief time, and it's suddenly over. In the meantime, what is there to show for it? Nothing. The existence was pointless, on top of being short. I'm not bringing you down, am I? You're probably already very depressed from mourning for your lost snowman. In the future, remember your story. It will save you the time and effort of another futile grab at companionship and happiness. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

^It sounds like you're talking about life..

Let me rephrase what I said. What I meant was, it sounds funny, but that all depends on the age of the OP.

thtsuxs 0

WTF is 45 ranting on about...he's in a mid life crisis

Douglas Adams. He was an author. He wrote books. Go read them.

^Doc is telling the truth. Now go learn about the magical number 42!

45, your comments are a waste of space on my screen as I'm trying to read other comments.

74-then don't read them. you can actually scroll down. smartass.

snowman haters, they're out there

BadasS14 0

u can tell they love their job!

ellamegan 0

R.I.P. mr.snowman ;(

cloudy01 0

He's in a better place

"plough"? Seriously?

Flammin8 0

haha and is it really that hard to rebuild a snowman?

Tikwichka 5

This may come as a shock, so brace yourself ... Some English-speaking countries actually use different spellings for words! Now, that's not to difficult a concept to grasp, is it?

NO! I never realised, er, realized, um...recognised...dammit, I never thought about it that way.


he ploughed that til he destroyed it

RidinTrollz 0

lol yay. but also, I remember when I used to build snowmen in the middle of the road... then I evolved into a Raichu so i could afford a yard.

amathus4321 0

Why would you build a snowman where the snowplow could get to it? Maybe next time you should build it in your yard,

Yeah... My thoughts exactly. I doubt Mr. Snow Plow drove over a lawn or into a backyard.

Maybe there so much snow he forgot where the road was! In that case it should have been built closer to the house.

Wave back at him, but close 4 fingers of your choosing.

therealsuperman 0

blame karma. damn your past life!

rein 8

WTF are you saying?!

mintcar 9

Oh no! My snowman is now gone, whatever shall I do?

r6_fml 4

You should have built it around a fire hydrant. That would've slowed the bastard down.

It be fun to see the fire department hook up a hose to the snowman.

TheDrifter 23

It's all about which direction Frosty is facing when they hook up the hose.

fricken amazing pic. I love it!!!!!