By Inthedumps - 23/07/2014 00:51 - United States - Jerseyville

Today, my boss is still refusing to hire any more people because he's convinced I can handle all of the work after the majority of staff quit. FML
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Tell him you will quit if he doesn't hire anyone else or that you want a huge raise


CurlyQute 17

Sounds like you need to find a new job or suffer the consequences

JMichael 25

I'm gonna go with new job. It seems the more logical solution in this situation.

That would be correct suggestion-bot.

Sounds like most of the rest of the staff already went down the new job path and the OP is just a bit behind.

While you can always look for a new job (and I would, in this job market it's hard to find them), I'd not do all the jobs. If you can do them, why should he hire more people to do what's already being done. I believe the other people quit for a reason. Follow their example, but have another job first.

Bigfabthetruth52 22

I would like to believe I had some leverage to get a raise if the majority of the staff quit and I was now doing most of the work on my own successfully according to the bosses own words.

Sounds like OP needs to quit. May be a good reason to why everyone else quit.

Tell him you will quit if he doesn't hire anyone else or that you want a huge raise

Awesome! You will make your mark in life. Don't give up!

If you're working basically 3 people's jobs, then he should pay you for 3 people

Hpixiee 23

You should probably talk to your boss

It seems like there are bosses like that more often than not now, and they barely take care of their employees. Sorry OP. Maybe your boss will come to a realization soon.

Yes, after OP quits and the boss takes the whole load.

if you don't get a raise or promotion after this...

supersquirel500 10

go on strike, or just slow down while working.