By Animaldude55 - United States - San Francisco
Today, I was getting a haircut. During the haircut, the barber cut her hand. She hesitated for a minute then continued to run her hands through and cut my hair with her bloody fingers. FML
Animaldude55 tells us more :
I am the OP. Basically it was near the end of the haircut when this happened so I didn't have time to say anothing. Just to add a few more details, she tried putting on a bandaid but it didn't work, rubbed her fingers on a towel I saw blood.
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

well it's not like you can catch anything from other people's blood. .
(what, you can?)
I am sorry I am now being told you can.
(Does everyone know this? . . . Well obviously not!!)
for crying out loud. . .

  mip_92  |  29

As a stylist/barber (I'm also a stylist), what she's supposed to do when she cuts herself or her client, is completely stop the service and clean up (wash hands, put gloves on, and clean the client's wounds if necessary). I'd tell her superior if I were you.