By FractalSanity / Sunday 1 February 2009 08:11 / Canada
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it's funny because she has a retarded boyfriend and is selfish enough to act sad because she doesn't deserve him being retarded. oh wait, no it fucked up because sorry I messed up :(

By  i_hate_IB  |  0

I'm sorry but that actually cracked me up. That is genuinely hilarious, that must have made her laugh, it would have killed me. Nothing can seem that bad when your friends thumb is in your nose lol

By  elenizelios  |  0

a friend wiped my tears like that once. my heart pretty much melts every time i remember it. if he had stuck his thumb up my nose in the process.... at the time it would have cheered me up even more and now the memory would be even more endearing

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