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Today, my best friend stopped by my house, borrowed a movie, and left. That was the extent of our communication for the day. Today is my birthday. FML
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desireev 17

Gotta love them besties! That does suck though, OP! FYL, for sure! Birthday wishes from Miss Desiree! :)

38- and yet you just typed 3 i's in that reply.


22cute 17

Op, did ya tell your friend it was your birthday? Seems like you have the choice of telling people when your birthday is coming up or sulking about it & having a pity party. Is this really the kind of party you want? Others have lives of their own you know & not everyone cares about their own B-day.

38- and yet you just typed 3 i's in that reply.

But you just wrote 'i' in your message... (Posted this before seeing micahsmummy's comment.)

19 are you serious? What kind of friend are you? Your best friend should never forget your birthday. Of course OP is upset. He/She shouldn't have to remind their friend that it's their birthday.

22cute 17

56- I love you; you're such a drama queen!

^ no, I'm someone who knows how to be a friend. I don't forget their birthdays because I care enough about them to remember. Based on your comments for this FML, you don't. And don't give me the age bullshit. Age has nothing to do with it.

HEY! At leadt They said happy birthday!!!!

Sammy, reread the FML and tell me where it says the friend said happy birthday. You DO know how to read, right?

Doc, I think perhaps she was referring to #1's comment, wishing the OP a happy birthday. But it is confusing seeing as she didn't specify.

22cute 17

No, #65, not age just maturity. After a while you realize some very good friends may also be forgetful. Sometimes some great friends are introverts and do NOT want a fuss made over their birthday. Some friends born in rural countries don't even know the actual day of their birth. So with some life experience and compassion and, yes, caring you begin to love your friends without judging them on little trivial things like birthday customs. Mature loving friends abandon the "one size fits all" approach..stop getting upset by little girls who shrill "you're not a good friend and I AM!!!" ...and just give to the people they love instead of making demands.

^ you are a bitch you know that? And a mature person would take the time out of their day to tell their friend "hey, happy birthday". It's not about making a "fuss" or expecting gifts. It's about acknowledging your friend's birthday. And obviously, OP wanted their birthday acknowledged. Mature, loving friends remember their friend's birthdays. Obviously you are not one of those people.

Oh and "rural countries"? Seriously? Way to really push it.

How did this get 12 thumbs down it says happy birthday and that's a nice thing

I always forget my moms bday but that's not because I don't love her. I'm just REALLY bad at remembering bdays

95, did it ever occur to you that the friend might not care about birthdays? You don't have to remember someone's birthday just to be a good friend. Personally, I could careless about birthdays, including my own and I tend to be a really good friend. Woop-dee-doo, you got older. You don't need gifts for living another year; your gift is being alive. Stop trying to tell people that you have to remember a birthday to be a good friend. You sound stupid.

22cute 17

Thank you #103! finally an independent thinker! And #95? no, sweetie, I'm not. I'm just a very articulate 48 year old who's lived all around the world, really has best buds in Kenya, Mexico, and Brazil, and incidentally manages teen drama every day for work. I didn't mean to be age-ist it's not really age it's ignorance.

From her comments, I'd say Amanda is the type of person who's opinion is unshakeable, no matter how stupid the argument she's fighting. I've had a few tussles with her myself, and I find when she is losing she tends to start swearing in order to make her argument 'better'. I don't see how 22cute is a bitch. She makes a lot of valid points. Some friends are forgetful, or didn't see birthdays as something very big when they were growing up. By your logic, if a friend forgot a birthday once for ANY reason, it would make them a horrible friend? Yeah, no. If you stopped being friends with somebody because they forgot your birthday, you would sound like an attention ***** and not a really good friend to begin with. People forget sometimes. It happens. If you care so much remind them. If you don't want to remind them, then it's not as important as you make it out to be. Just my 2 cents.

It is important to remember a friends birthday. Why? Because they might get depressed, come over to your house and ask to borrow your handgun. Then they put it up to their head and say "happy ****** birthday," and squeeze the trigger. Getting brain matter and blood everywhere, leaving you one hell of mess on your brand new egyptian carpet and leather couch.

22cute 17

Uh...yeah...I'd say it's important to tell your friends you need a birthday hug for the same know, minus the mopping up. #111 - thanks!

#1 are you confused? You don't seem sure about wishing op a happy birthday! Seems more like an after thought. Sorry for nit picking but I hate comments and remarks that are not meant as question that turn into questions anyway On a different note, MERRY BIRTHDAY!! :-)

desireev 17

Gotta love them besties! That does suck though, OP! FYL, for sure! Birthday wishes from Miss Desiree! :)

And happy birthday from a dog.. got you a bone but it's buried in the back. :)

And me. I don't know why but feel terrible. Only 'cuz that happened to me. Just it was everyone I knew

who needs best friends when you've got these lovely strangers OP =] ?

And Guren! P.S. Your friend is a douche and should suck on some boing loins

lebronesque73091 12

That's too bad. Happy birthday and hope all these posts make you feel better.

Happy birthday from the county that supplies you with blood and bandages!! ( co,cork. Flag is red and white)

MetalxSoldier 26

Are you sure it was your friend? If they have time to watch a movie, they should have had time to spend with you. Sorry OP, Happy Birthday!

Ouch man. I know how that feels. Happy birthday thou.

OneLittleAdditio 9

I know its your best friend but they shouldn't be required to say happy birthday. especially if ur adults.

Oh, not required to say happy birthday, you say >:( Tell me something, why the **** people say happy birthday at all? I'll give you a hint, it's all in the title.

A best friend isn't "required" to do anything, however, if someone truly cares about you, they remember it's your birthday and wish you a happy birthday....because that's what friends do. I'm 21, almost 22 years old and I still get a card and a happy birthday from my high school best friend. We don't even live in the same state anymore. Being an adult isn't an excuse for you not to wish your best friend happy birthday.

So, you'd rather your best friend didn't wish you a happy birthday?

22cute 17

What a bunch of children you all are! #4 is right. Mature people pick their friends for their admirable qualities - not what YOU can get out of it. If you want your birthday celebrated you learn to ask your friends instead of setting them up for failure. It's called honesty. Same goes for boyfriends & husbands. Grow up!

4 I feel like you may have had a history of shitty birthdays or friends, and I'm sorry for that. 23 your comment was also very hateful, both of you need to calm down.

23, are you serious right now? So, the mature thing is to ignore the fact that your friend- no, your BEST friend doesn't want to take five seconds to say 'Happy Birthday' because that's asking too much? Why do I have to ASK my best friend to just give a little acknowledgment about an important part of my life? That's not being childish, that's being buds. That's just generally being a good person. If this is what you feel, then you most certainly do not have any friends you truely care about.

Wtf does being adults have to do with anything? Even my 94 yr old grampa gives cards, hugs & a game of pool to his buddies!!!!! That's what being friends is all about, no matter your age!!!

#4 & #23- I feel so sorry for your friends...if you have any with those attitudes.

22cute 17

I cannot help noticing you're all Americans in you're teens and early 20's. (which sort of proves the point*ahem*) Just for kicks, ask a busy single parent in their 40's or someone in a different culture if they sulk all day when their friends don't automatically guess their birthdate and offer gifts. Hmmmm?

TSN619 7

59 I may be an American in my early 20s but I would think if you're best friends with someone you wouldn't have to guess their birthdate. Also, I don't recall OP or anyone else saying the friend should have gotten them a gift. Furthermore, I have friends all over the world and yes sometimes I forget their birthdays but most of the time I call or send a card simply because I care about that person.

22cute 17

Yes, of course you would think that. That was exactly my point.

Airin1992 1

Really 59? Is it too much for a BEST friend to remember a birthday? I (and I'm assuming the majority) expect people that are close to me that I've known for years to remember something so simple. My dad is 48, single, and busy, but he manages to remember and acknowledge his best friends birthday.

I'm English and i still say happy birthday to my friends...

22cute 17

English teen girl, yes. And I'm sure if you ask your Mum you'll find men often forget birthdays....sometimes even their own. (English is not a significantly different culture from US or Canada.) Let's hear from some Butanese!

22cute - you're A) wrong and B) an idiot. I'm neither a teen nor American. I'm a married father of 2 in my 30's and I still remember and wish my friends a happy birthday. Just admit you're wrong and an asshat and we can all move on.

MsMel 0

22 cute. im Armenian and im 40. I never forget my best friends birthdays so comment on that. yes some people forget but stop bashing in teens or people in their 20's.

59, You're just making excuses. And don't assume anything. Who says we sulk and cry over it and automatically expect gifts? When did we ever say that? Don't act so righteous. I may be an 'American teenager', but that doesn't make me a spoiled idiot. I'm not stupid, I have common sense, and I know what's right and wrong and I know how to be a kind person.

22cute 17

Ok, ok....everybody keep your panties on. To avoid redundancy please read #92 my response to the first comment. The world is a BIG place and the only way we can expect our friends to know what we like is to TELL them. That's all. And it's the unquestionable truth. Here it's birthdays. In Kenya its greetings - which we all but ignore. (in some states we or even get hostile when greeted.) Sorry if that bursts you birthday balloon. And Doc - you're just a bastard.

94, What I'm saying is, if they really are your best friend, they'd know to say Happy Birthday. It's just the right thing to do. And the fact that you live somewhere with, apparently, a negative attitude towards this stuff doesn't change anything. You can still say Happy Birthday even if the general attitude over their is less than pleasent. At least from what I can infer.

22cute 17

And what I'm saying is: Yes your friend knows IF you told him. And Yes it's the right thing to do IF you share the exact same cultural values and quirks as your friend. Which may be true if you both grew up in the same small town, never left, and reject the friendship of anyone who seems "too different" OR If you kindly tell your friend that birthdays are important to you AND when yours is AND remind him a few days before. Is that really so hard to understand? Or even to do, geez?!

Yes people have their reasons. It's bad enough you brought race into your point but you have the nerve to talk about a certain age group? The last ten or so comments you poste were about maturity and growing up. How mature was that comment about Americans in their early twenties? Take your own advice.

22cute 17

Um...who are you talking to? No one here mentioned race. Since I made a comment about teen & early 20's Americans I'll explain: Very mature and Very worldly - one can only see patterns like that with perspective. Maturity does NOT mean you never offend. That is actually an adolescent norm - fear of social difference. It's why peer pressure is so intense for that age group.

WhoaItsKiernan 4

This is rather annoying. 22cute your bashing on TEENS when your own name sounds like something a 12 year old would make up. I'm also very sick of seeing teen this American that...your bashing on a whole freaking country and teenagers!! TEENAGERS! You grow up. We still are. That's our excuse, what's yours? Ignorance?

59- best friends generally remember each others birthdays, usually because they've been friends for a good amount of time. My mother is 58 and still remembers her college friends birthday. It has nothing to do with age, asshole. Your best friend is your closest friend, you should be able to count on them to do the simplest thing on your ONE special day, which is say two words: happy birthday.

What planet are you people from, when your best friend forgets you birthday, you should be ok with it. I dont know about you all but We re not robots here we care about our friends and family

chels1994 11

I love this thread simply because of the fact that someone claiming to be more "mature" is generalizing and bashing American teenagers (:

I'm in my mid 20's and from Australia! I also just feel really sorry for you I think you must have a sad life. So for the future 22cute.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear 22cute, Happy birthday to you!

tklone329 0

She obviously dosnt have friends.

Some best friend -.- Seriously, friends are supposed to make a fuss over you on your BIRTHDAY. Anyways, happy birthday OP!

But if friends are suposed to make a big deal on your birthday that would..mean.. Oh god nooo!! *Forever Alone*

22cute 17

OMG that's right! Friends must fit a standard prototype!! That's how you know they are "real" friends!

Bitch **** off, you pissed me off with your earlier comment which was the second dumbest thing I read. And a 'real' friend would acknowledge your day of birth and at least say 'happy birthday'.

For being your... "best friend", they seem like a douche to me.

GMS1 7

Well that's not fair what if op was supposed to follow his best friend and confront him only to reveal his friend had an elaborate surprise party?

KaelaKhaotic 5

**** your 'friend'. Happy Birthday though! For his birthday, you should bake a cake, go to his doorstep, and when he answers the door, throw it in his face and run like hell.

Tell me your secret? How do you know OP's best friend is a "he"

Nah dont waste time making a cake just get a cheap one from walmart and do that

22cute 17

Or maybe you could BE a friend and say, "Hey, it's my B-day, Dude, how about a little love!?" Is that so hard? Oh, wait that would ruin all the drama and game playing. Can't do that!

22cute, why are you trying to spread your negativity? Seriously. I am going out on a limb here and no one ever remembered your birthday unless you asked, therefore, that's how everyone has to have it.

22cute 17

Lol! That's rich!! There's nothing "negative" in what I'm saying. My message is short and sweet: "Communicate with your loved ones. Don't judge them. Just give them a chance." I'm using a bit of irony because I'm honestly amazed at all the people who think game playing is the norm and would sacrifice a good friend or a good day to play, "Do you really love me? Let's see you prove it!" It's probably my irony that makes you react and feel negative. The truth? I have hundreds of students who remember my birthday every year. They mean well and I accept it graciously but it's really not something I like or want. I'm modest and that much attention embarrasses me. I try to bring them a little treat instead because I'm more comfortable with that.

chels1994 11

22cute - everyone, of course, is entitled to their own opinion and I understand that, but you sat there generalizing and pointing fingers at "American teenagers" as the common group to get offended over someone forgetting their birthday...isn't that a little much? I mean people have forgotten mine before, too and I didn't take it to heart. However, the fact that OP's "best friend" had time to borrow a movie from them made it clear that they had time to spare a simple 'happy birthday dude' or whatever. Not all of us cry out because we want attention, gifts, or anything of the sort. For us, it's just common courtesy to at least tell a best friend to have a happy birthday. Just sayin (:

hey some people just have bad memories, although i know it sucks. my best friend would take a bullet for me and he still gets my birthday wrong

Yeah I'm one of those who's been gifted with a really bad memory, and if one of my friends asked me now when her/his birthday is I wouldn't know, but that's why I make sure to have them written down.

at least you're making an effort by writing them down

I hav to do the same thing it is so annoying

Why don't you tell him, then make him buy you a meal and a drink. After feeling unnoticed you'd need one. On the plus side happy birthday :3

Awww that sucks. happy birthday anyway.