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Today, my best friend and I were playing Call of Duty, when he said he had to go to the bathroom. Curious, I checked his phone. A text message read, "Tell your friend you're going to the bathroom and come eat. Pizza is here." from his dad. Apparently, I'm not good enough to feed. FML
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herpitydurteedur 0

Kill them >:3 I'd just be like oh hey I'm leaving and when they ask why just say oh cause I wouldn't want you to to feel like you have to share your precious pizza with me so I'll just go home.

ritzbits 0

pizza is delicious, you should have found them and took a slice.


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XxHoPPoxX 8

dont you have cameras in your toilet????

Note to self: do not ever use XxHoppoxX's toilet

GlitteryMasakali 1

Aw I'm sorry OP :( Come to my house. Pizza is here! :P

SwaggerMelon 6

lol. my mom and Sis used to hide the groceries whenever my friend would come over. So gay.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Just **** up his kill/death ratio as revenge.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

You should have went to "get some water".

or just run to the kitchen and be like oh is it supper time?

Why the **** do you presume you were automatically invited? Big, BIG YDI.

bitchslapped22 14

My question is, how is going to to the bathroom 'curious'?

160- my guess is that op found it suspicious how he went right after getting that text or he was just curious as to what was in his phone.

Georgieeporgiee 9

I hate spiders, ******, players And the saying LOL!

Maddoctor 10

I don't really understand why people keep saying YDI for checking the phone. It was OP's best friend, not some stranger. Honestly it's more like a YDI to the friend for leaving the phone. If you have such a big problem with other people reading your texts, then either you have control issues or should delete them.

rallets 22

^ or you just think that people shouldnt be going thru your stuff :/

Maddoctor 10

Then hide it or something. OP's friend left his phone, so it's basically fair game. It's not like his diary. The people who get so pissed are usually the ones hiding something.

207- Normal people have a sense of privacy. If its not your phone you shouldn't be reading their texts. And I don't have anything to hide but I'd still be pissed if I caught someone looking through my messages without my knowledge or consent. It's just common decency.

Maddoctor 10

Meh. I still think it's a little ridiculous if it's your best friend. Nothing that's a 3x5 inch block should hold so much privacy. =/

seximexi911 10

Maddoctor I'm trying to follow your logic...but it's not working. Any normal person should have the decency to not look through other people's shit.

Maddoctor 10

Logic being that it shouldn't be the biggest deal if your best friend opens your cellphone. Especially if you leave it open in a room all alone. I'm not saying open every drawer or lift the top off of every box, but this guy didn't deserve to not be fed for looking at a text message. Maybe there's some back story of gluttonous behavior, but looking at his best friend's phone isn't grounds for him deserving this FML, and that's what some people are focusing on. And yeah, it can be pretty normal to look at your friend's phone. My friends look at my pictures all the time and vice versa.

JayJ17 7

I agree 255, I bet he looked through his phone because his friend probably got a text, read it, then suddenly said he has to go to the bathroom in a suspicious way. Everyone needs to calm down. Also, it's the friends fault too because he didn't have to lie. All he had to say is I gotta go eat. If my friend said that to me I wouldn't be offended. Even if he offered me food I would refuse. Lastly, to whoever said the OP maybe was invited to dinner is retarded. You don't need to be invited to eat at your BF house. This isn't an effing wedding. Seriously, next people are gonna start wanting personal invitations just to put something in theirs mouths. Get over yourselfs people

ritzbits 0

pizza is delicious, you should have found them and took a slice.

mshoes12346 3

u shud just walk over and eat like nothins goin on just to see their face reaction. watch them take the pizza away from u lololol

cudi504 4

Maybe theyre poor lol...but why did u check his phone? Im never suspicious when my friend goes to take a piss

If they can afford either a PS3 or an xbox360 (or even a wii, but nobody plays COD on the wii), I doubt they're poor enough to have to conserve their food that drastically.

cudi504 4

Tru 21 i forgot about that. I guess the dad is a greedy selfish fat mutherfucker then lol

Yoyolol_fml 3

Yeah only losers play cod. I however play kinectimals

He deserves his friend to be a douche to him because he plays a video game? As I recall, dont you still play kirby?

sourgirl101 28

Or.... maybe being poor has nothing to do with it. What if the dad only bought enough pizza for "his" family and didn't know that the friend was even over? Instead of being extra rude he asked his son to make a polite excuse of going to the restroom. And I think it's rude of the OP to expect to be feed unless he was invited over for dinner by the dad.

monkeys1315 0

I agree with 80 but if I was the bestfriend I wouldn't have went and ate, I would have waited till have my friend left

@ 80 I don't know where you grew up but where i grew up we would always feed the people that came into our house. It doesn't matter if they were invited over for dinner or not everyone was always welcome to eat with us. Even if my mom only cooked enough for us. Even if they only had enough for the family they could have atleast offered him a slice or two. What kind of family lets their guest starve.

GrammarNaziFTW 0

That's why you don't go through other people's stuff. You might not like what you find

sourgirl101 28

112, I don't disagree with you. (: I myself, would never not include my children's friends in our meals. But I will say, if I'm not expecting them over for dinner, then they have to go before dinner time. Plain and simple.

@112: The kind of family whose guests suck down pizza, breadsticks, and soda faster than a 220Volt Hoover. And whose guests EXPECT the family to feed them just because they show up uninvited.

Especially pizza! Lil ceasars sells it for five friggin dollars.

I agree, you people sound really selfish. It's just pizza...

JayJ17 7

117- First of all, he's not rude to expect to be fed because he is their GUEST. When I was little and I had a friend over, even if he was unexpected, my mom would make sure he was fed the same amount as all of us, If not more. Second, I think it's extremely rude to make him leave before dinner because you didn't make enough food for him too. Who cares? Either make more, order out, or feed him/her whatever you got. It's like your saying "Sorry, you have to go now because were going to eat and I wasn't expecting you, and I'm too lazy to make you something bye!".

#41 YDI for not playing COD!!! it's a great game!!!!

JayJ17 7

Anyone think that OP overstayed his welcome? What if he was there for like 8 hours and OP's Dad wasn't expecting to have to feed him. Not that it was right of Dad to do that, but just a thought.

Tell him you need to go to the toilet, then jack off his dog, that'll teach em.

sxe_beast 11

@89- I disagree. How can best friends "overstay their welcome"? My two best friends and I practically live with each other. We'll stay at one of our homes for days at time. We have copies of house keys. We vacation together. We do practically everything together. I know my mother is more than happy to feed them and buy them things. Same with their parents.

185 - that's great that you have that kind of relationship with your friends, but generally, people don't get THAT close, especially if you are not 'best' friends. Perhaps OP was invited to come over, with no planned time to leave. OP stays for 8 or more hours and OP's friend can't just say 'dude, go home.' Like I said, it would be rude of his friend's Dad to do that, but don't expect to be fed, especially if its not your home and you were not invited for dinner.

sxe_beast 11

But the OP used the words "best friend". My best friends have hung out at my house without me. They're also free to eat whatever they want in my home. Maybe the OP should reconsider whether or not his friend is his "best friend" or not. Because what his friend did was really shade and disrespectful.

My mistake. It was his best friend. I'm not denying it was rude, only that are justifiable reasons for doing it, and that there is probably something OP forgot or choose not to mention.

herpitydurteedur 0

Kill them >:3 I'd just be like oh hey I'm leaving and when they ask why just say oh cause I wouldn't want you to to feel like you have to share your precious pizza with me so I'll just go home.

I love sending people on guilt trips. Plus they will lose their appetite too :) double score

When your friend is with his Dad already, reply an "okay" to the message. That should send them in frenzy. Then poop on their pizza. That'll show them!

salvorican 24

Actually I agree with you. Op sounds like a really nosy friend and I don't think I'd want to share my pizza with them either.

How about his friend gets the decency to share a damn pizza

salvorican 24

If my friend liked snooping through my stuff I wouldn't consider them pizza worthy lol

@95: Right.... insult the host. **** you. Get your own damn pizza. I'm indecent because I don't share? How about YOU being decent for once in your lard-ass life and BRING over 5 pizzas when YOU drop in unexpectedly... or on purpose?

@95: Spoken like a true Socialist living in a Socialist Country where YOU expect the GOVERNMENT (your next-door-neighbor) to pay for all of your wants, needs, and pizza.

What i was getting at is that ITS A ******* PIZZA. who cares? The world will not come to an end of they share 1 slice of a damn pizza. Where the **** has common sense and courtesy gone in the world?

je_suis_fml 11

115- I presume had his friend deemed him pizza worthy, then the snooping would have not taken place. 0_o

abasio 1

Snooping is worse than not sharing pizza. The way he glazed over the snooping fact makes him look like this is a common occurrence. Bad friend! Baaad friend!

Also, I don't know about any other family but we always have a lot of pizza left over when we have it. To me it seemed rude to at least not wait til the friend was gone or offer him a slice even if they didn't plan on him being there. My parents always feed my friends when they're over because it's nice and there's usually extra. There's no way it's too expensive to give the friend a couple pieces of pizza if it is they should sell the xbox and get rid of the text messaging.

Im2Handsom 1

This is much better when I imagine they are both sitting in OP's batheroom eating the pizza.

Bree12345 15

maybe his dad didn't have enough to share? don't be so selfish op

I'm sure they would have ordered enough to give him one slice at least, sounds like they just chose not to. Thats the last thing my parents would ever do, it's just plain rude. O.o

newjerseyguy 0

Rule#1 of eating while you have guests, make sure there is enough for everyone or wait till the guests leave to eat.

Rule#2: You better not be a guest when the ******* pizza shows up.

je_suis_fml 11

OP didn't get a slice of pizza and he's the selfish one??

Samantha_Elaine 7

Maybe if there isn't enough for everyone to eat he shouldn't have ordered pizza. If you can't afford to feed everyone who is in your home, family or not, then you shouldn't be ordering anything.