By beepbeep - / Wednesday 22 August 2018 03:30 /
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By  distortedcognition  |  14

It’s sad your mother has so much animosity in her heart. I feel sorry for her just imagining how much life her anger/hatred is robbing her of. I guess some people are just best loved at a distance. Good luck, OP. Don’t let your mother’s hate drag you down.

  MidnaLink  |  31

Or in this moms case, not loved at all. If she’s willing to make her daughter homeless over dating someone of colour or other race, she only deserves an empty, hollow life.

  MidnaLink  |  31

I never did say that the mother couldn’t be Black, but yes, this could be a Black/Jewish problem, or a White/Muslim problem, or even an Latino/Asian problem. Point is, she deserves nothing good with this kind of mindset, and I wish her… maybe not the worst, but very close to it. No sympathy for racism.

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