By faen - 29/11/2012 21:12 - Norway - Marifjora

Today, Muse cancelled their upcoming show in Oslo. I bought my sold-out tickets on the black market for double the retail price, and have no way of getting my money back. FML
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1- Good thing you said that. For a minute I thought OP was blaming me. Phew, glad that's cleared up.


bettykooler 7

He probably went to the black market because it was sold out.

LO388 7

23 - Exactly. Ticket resale has become big business now too. Sports teams reserve thousands of tickets each game for online resellers whose sole purpose is to mark up the price on average Joes. Although I guess with those you at least get a guarantee.

Op is from norway, he or she may have meant buying from the secondary market, IE craigslist, and not from drug dealers and kidney sellers when saying black market.

I'm guessing the same as you guys above. And if so is to be true, that he bought it off the Norwegian "craigslist" ( then I agree - fyl op. It's just like buying a ticket from a friend that can't go. Just at a higher cost. Op should contact the seller and ask him/her to reimburse the ticket. That could get OP half his money back.

Don't you DARE insult the black market, he didn't mean it black market, it's okay, I'm here, no, no, don't cry... See what you did!?!?

FrozenIceHawk 7

Black market? ... No, that's what you get for liking Muse!! Calm down, I'm only kidding.

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102; best watch yourself- them's fightin' words. You never know when the fans are lurking. *paranoid shifty eye*

How, 2, is the show being canceled connected with op's decision to buy them on the black market.

It prefers to be called the african-american market

Did anyone else read this with Red Formans voice in their head?

that's what you get for liking muse.

Should've tried to win your way in on the radio or something first.

unknown_user5566 26

Or just purchase the tickets from an official seller.

16 - I'm pretty sure if the official seller was completely out, otherwise why would he pay twice the face value for them?

It said "sold out" in the post. Read before you comment 16.

unknown_user5566 26

34/35- I meant that OP should've planned ahead, and purchased them from an official seller. I know they were sold out at the time OP ended up buying them.

37- I not trying to argue, but you can't always get the tickets you want even if you plan ahead. Tickets can sell out in minutes, and this could have happened to the OP.

Because winning a radio contest is guaranteed.

winnerme123 8

Never pay double price on the black market. It's way too risky.

unknown_user5566 26

6- I guess hindsight is truly 20/20!

I never go double price on the black market; too cheap. I go triple price for my panda-lizard hybrid eggs for my breakfast.

As my mother always tells me, no sympathy for doing stupid things.

Just look up their next shows in advance and buy the tickets through verified Sellers, that's all you can really do

Or he could sell the tickets to some sucker to get some money out of it.

Some people need to stop taking everything so damned seriously.

vic55jets 13

Gee mhmm well thanks mrs obvious.

Hope you buy your ticket the correct way next time.

You should at least be able to get face value.

15- He could take them to the box office and get their value back/

He bought them illegally, he can't take them to get his money back, that's why it says "black market"

kellygirl83 11

If he goes there and says he received them as a gift, he maybe able to get the face value back or a gift card equal to face value to be used at another concert.

fakkumairaifu 14

This. Common sense. If it's a real ticket then the original vendor should issue a refund or ticket to an equivalent show.

53: so how would the box office know he bought them illegally (assuming that's even the case)? Like everyone else has said... say it was a gift. Simple. If the show is cancelled there will almost certainly be refunds for the tickets. Although I suppose there could be a problem if they asked for a receipt.