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  LO388  |  7

23 - Exactly. Ticket resale has become big business now too. Sports teams reserve thousands of tickets each game for online resellers whose sole purpose is to mark up the price on average Joes. Although I guess with those you at least get a guarantee.

  sniken  |  14

I'm guessing the same as you guys above. And if so is to be true, that he bought it off the Norwegian "craigslist" ( then I agree - fyl op. It's just like buying a ticket from a friend that can't go. Just at a higher cost. Op should contact the seller and ask him/her to reimburse the ticket. That could get OP half his money back.

  kyleekay  |  25

34/35- I meant that OP should've planned ahead, and purchased them from an official seller. I know they were sold out at the time OP ended up buying them.

  LlamaUprising  |  10

37- I not trying to argue, but you can't always get the tickets you want even if you plan ahead. Tickets can sell out in minutes, and this could have happened to the OP.

  kellygirl83  |  11

If he goes there and says he received them as a gift, he maybe able to get the face value back or a gift card equal to face value to be used at another concert.

  charvisioku  |  22

53: so how would the box office know he bought them illegally (assuming that's even the case)? Like everyone else has said... say it was a gift. Simple.
If the show is cancelled there will almost certainly be refunds for the tickets.
Although I suppose there could be a problem if they asked for a receipt.