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Today, I worked up the courage to ask out the girl I liked. I got her a nice bracelet for her birthday and asked her on a date when I gave it to her. "Aww, you're so sweet!" was the response to the gift. Her response to the date proposal? "Wait, you aren't gay?" FML
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Girls don't like gay guys in that way. They think of them as their perfect guy without a sexual component. They never think of the gay best friend as a sexual partner. Sorry bro.


Yes, it is a bad thing. And no, not all girls like gay guys.

Girls who like gay guys usually like them because they're the perfect FRIENDS. They're friendly and won't get flirty because they're supposed to be gay. So yes it's a bad thing.

All I was trying to say is he shouldn't give up

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Girls really like gay guys. You've got the right personality, and now you've made it clear that you're willing to be a sexual partner... What more could she ask for?

But if she thought he was gay, she never intended to be with him in any kind of romantic situation.

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Maybe she have but thought he was gay.

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Maybe she just thought she had a gay best friend. So not only is he friend zoned he is Gay Friend Zoned. Not exactly the situation dreams are made of.

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maybe she have a crush on him but expected a no cause he was gay.

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Best comment I've read in a long time.

How is someone who cares about one's sexual orientation not worth it ? Would it be better if she started flirting with a guy even if she thought he was gay, not caring if it makes him uncomfortable ? Some guys don't really make their SO very clear and you can't just ask someone "hey so are you gay ?" Because that's just rude. And i had a friend who was bisexual and more into guys than girls so it would be easy to assume he's gay. Yet he did ask me out once and it surprised me too, because i really didn't know at that moment and dating him was the last thing i'd have ever thought about. I don't see how respecting someone's privacy means you're "not worth it". Maybe i should start asking everyone i meet if they prefer penises or vaginas.

its not rude to ask, especially if youre just meeting them and getting to know them. a simple "hey, im curious, are you into guys or girls?" isnt rude what so ever now is it?

Girls don't like gay guys in that way. They think of them as their perfect guy without a sexual component. They never think of the gay best friend as a sexual partner. Sorry bro.

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I do... FML because it'll never happen

As if all gay guys are exactly the same

I've heard quite a few women say that all the good guys are either gay or taken, so perhaps OP has a chance. However, I've also heard these same women say that all men are alike, so who knows what they mean or want. It's been an unsolvable mystery for centuries

You shouldn't ever attempt to buy affection.

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Yeah, I mean the intention was nice, but I would feel so bad if I had to reject someone just after they'd given me a gift...

In my opinion that's not all too bad, now that she knows you aren't gay maybe she'll spark some interest in you! I hope you can laugh it off, Good luck OP!

I don't get it. Are you bisexual and asked out a girl and she thought you were gay? Because to me it sounds as that you are not gay, and are in fact a straight man but she heard rumors that you were gay.

Or maybe he acts camp (buying a bracelet for her birthday when they're not together might be seen as camp), or just hasn't had a girlfriend, or doesn't flirt with girls so much. I know a few guys who seem to give off a gay vibe but they're as straight as anything which you only find out when they want to date you.

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Hey m8 gay guys dress well and are good looking for the most part id take it as a compliment and then say "haha no I beat up the pussy like Chris beat up Rihanna"

yeah, a shitty domestic violence joke is a woman's number one turn on.

Uuuh no, a lot of gay guys dress normally and are not that good looking. That's what the internet shows you, gay guys in real life are like everyone, some are fat, some dress like hobos and some are assholes. Being gay doesn't turn you into a nice and sweet good looking angel, sorry.

HorrorJr 26
HorrorJr 26

And "most part" I meant most gay guys that I've met

So by "most" you mean "nobody". You're referring to an infinitesimally limited sample size when compared to the entire world's male homosexual population. Only a sheep believes everything the media tells him about other people.