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Today, after not going out in over a year, I finally agreed to go out with some friends. I had a lot of fun and was very happy, up until when I was on my way back home and I noticed my car's sunroof had been stolen. FML
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Op here! This is my first FML and I'm happy it got posted :) To answer some of your questions. How does a sunroof get stolen? I have no idea, but these Mexican thieves tend to be very creative, and quite handy by the looks of it. I guess they stole it because it's an expensive car piece, but the jokes on them because it has a serial number and technically if they try to sell it they could go to jail (if the correct laws were to be applied). But maybe they just sell it as scrap glass. And on the bright side I'm really glad they only stole the sunroof and not the whole car, and they didn't take anything from inside either, I was worried they might have taken any car papers but luckily they didn't. And the reason why I haven't gone out in such a long time, is because I didn't use to enjoy it, every time I went out I didn't have any fun, and also I find it very hard to maintain a conversation with friends let alone a stranger, and I like staying at home reading or here in FML. I was actually amazed about the fun I had. But if I go out more often now, I'm making a note to myself to never park in the street and always leave it with a valet parking.( Although a valet parking once stole my spare tire, but I didn't notice until I needed it, much after).

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How do you even steal a sunroof? haha

How do you steal a sunroof is the more important question

No, the real question is why do you even bother stealing a sun roof?

#17, maybe someone might remove it to get into the car and steal other things (OP, are you sure nothing else is missing?), or if they wanted to replace a broken/missing one on a different car. Or malicious boredom. :/

All sorts of car parts are commonly stolen there to be sold back to you. I remember one time I went outside and all the cars parked on my street had no side mirrors. Then, at the open market down the street, there was a guy selling side mirrors. The police don't care as long as their get their cut, unless you offer to pay more if they have them arrested.

#59 I don't like the sound of where you live...

It's more important that you got out of home and had fun with friends after one year, **** the sunroof.

It's winter time. Op's gonna need that sunroof

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@noisyboy4000 Actually, OP lives in Mexico. Their winters get down to a "low" of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Think of it as a convertible without the full commitment

A creative use of plastic wrap and duct tape and it's fixed, no problem.

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I'd say that removing the sunroof is even more commitment than a purpose-made convertible.

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As long as you had fun that's all that matters.. I hope

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I don't get it. Why would not she go out with friends if she enjoys it?

She may have social anxiety. Or possibly she works long hours and rather stay home and rest than go out on her days off. I know that's the reason I haven't gone out with my friends in a long time. By the time the weekends comes around I'm too tired to hang out with anyone I just wanna sleep!

She may have had a baby, finances have not allowed it, or her husband possibly would not let her? There are many reasons and it is not always easy to go out with your friends when you are tied down at times.

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True, you both made some interesting points. I did not think about it at the moment.

Or if they're like me, they don't get invited out and when they try to make plans themselves they always fall through.

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it would be nice if it was raining

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Who steals a sunroof? Honestly?

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How the **** does that happen? lol. kudos to the thief for originality.