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Today, it hit me that I'm incredibly pathetic, when at the age of 21, I tucked my stuffed animals into bed with me, facing in different directions so they could keep watch for monsters while I slept. FML
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Pathetic? Hardly! Those monsters under the bed are only slightly scarier than the ones in the closet. It's a damned good thing you have such good protection.

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Well if you haven't been attacked by monsters yet, then they're doing a good a job.


Pathetic? Hardly! Those monsters under the bed are only slightly scarier than the ones in the closet. It's a damned good thing you have such good protection.

The best protection you can get is definatley from the stuffed scooby-doo's

At 27 I had a friend come check under my bed for a clown. People with smiles painted on are the worst kind of monsters. I wish I had your forethought, OP, to have guards.

You beat me to it Doc. It's the people who never learn how to deal with the monsters that belong on FML. Maybe I should find a teddy bear......

#1 couldn't have said it better. I'm 15 and I have to sleep with two mounds of pillows next to me and a blanket over it so the monsters can't even see me in the first place.

I use condoms for protection. I mean in bed. Against the monsters. Ok that came out wrong. I'm going to stop now.

I don't worry so much now. Partially because of my husband, but mostly because the cute little thing in my picture is now a 25lb, 4 month old beast who lives under our bed and eats anything.

Aren't you a faker? You wouldn't need protection... :p

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Maybe the monsters in 59's room are like those little parasites that crawl in your urethra when you're swimming. That's a ******* monster, I'd use condoms as protection too! That's just downright terrifying to think about.

I sleep in a bed full of large pillows around me when my husband isnt with me. the dark still terrifies me. im pretty good though when ive got someone with me.

I'm 21 and I still don't let my arms or legs dangle over the side of the bed.

#118 I make sure not to let my hand slip behind my pillows between the headboard and the mattress so "dead people" don't grab my hands and pull me down. Oh and I'm 23 freaking years old. Sometimes when my family goes on vacation without me I sleep with the light on at night.

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I have Cozy-Heart Penguin, a stuffed cow, and a little purple dragon keeping me safe every night.

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This is the most retarded conversation I've ever seen.

I sleep with a giant stuffed nemo. No butt with be touching me anytime soon!

Neither do I, not since Paranormal Activity.

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I sleep with my T-Rex pillow pet. He helps keep me safe from the Boogeyman.

I sleep under my bed so the monsters can't get there first.

Monsters in the closet? You homophobe!

Sorry, something wrong with the iPad... In second thought, the comment probably wasn't in any relevance for the FML community. Sorry to be a bother! :/

I feel safe if my cat is sleeping on the bed with me. I feel like cats can sense things that humans can't.


I really like where this thread's OP and the chat are going, especially the person who says scooby doos are the best protection, I sleep in bed with a few pokemon and some other pillow pals(including an odie from garfield, and scooby doo too) and although I don't arrange them in any certain order, I trust them to destroy any bad things that may or may not be trying to creep into my bed, I haven't had a nightmare, bad dream, or even restless night in over 10 years (I'm almost 23 now) and I attribute it to my strong connection with my childhood, a healthy dose of happiness, and surrounding myself with things that are meant to make you feel better, rather than chasing things that are intended to scare/anger/depress, so many sad people out there today... maybe all they really need is a teddy to protect them at night

I forgot to mention I have a teddy bear thats older than I am... as far as I know hes 1-2 weeks older than I am(bought as a pre-born gift) and he has always been there to protect me

Don't forget to put one in the floor to watch under the bed too. Gotta think blind spots. haha

I'm 21 and I'm still scared of the dark. I have other "pathetic" phobias that lots of people laugh at but hey its who I am. don't be ashamed of it.

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i have two buildabears: putin and medvedev. and my devoted husband to keep my safe from thw darkness. plus my mattress is on the floor. so now under the bed for me! #winning

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Well if you haven't been attacked by monsters yet, then they're doing a good a job.

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Very cute indeed! At least you are connected with your inner child :)

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What if every night the saved you from monsters without you ever knowing

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NO! It's time for YOU to grow up! *sticks tongue out*

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Doc, you forgot to say "nah, nah."

Well maybe you should grow DOWN, you no-good fun-ender. *stomps around*

you ever play "Beyond Two Souls"? I surrounded myself with stuffed animals after the the scene First Night.

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personaly I find this kinda cute

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why stop? monsters arn't picky about age you know!

I used to do that, then I had sex. The noise scares them away too!

At 7 I still tried to stay awake for Santa, let alone give up my teddies!

I used to be scared of Zombies until i was 14 or so. Nowdays I go to sleep like a boss.

how pathetic!!! ...everyone knows you should be using army figures! duuuh!!!

Nooooooo!!! Army figures are for clowns!! stupid head.

Shame you got beat up like that. I get the humor! But, pound for pound, stuffed animals are much superior to action figures and army men.

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No shame! I sleep with my stuffies too. I have to make sure all of their heads are above the blanket that way they don't suffocate during the night.

Haha I know what you mean. I always feel horrible waking up the next morning and discovering that I kicked a few off the bed D':

Maybe you didn't kick them, they just couldn't make it on time when the sun rises and they lose life.

I'm 27 and I can't leave for any business or pleasure purposes without packing my stuffies, it feels horrible though I have to pack them in luggage, 1st thing I do when I get to my destination is let them out! I don't mind the creepy looks I usually get from housekeeping at hotels I stay in, my stuffies have been through everything and I never want to let go of them!