By minnie - 14/2/2021 06:01 - United States - Denver


Today, my boyfriend left me because he found out I cheated on my first boyfriend when I was 12. That was back before I knew what "cheating" was and I thought it was okay to love more than one person. FML
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  samomaha  |  17

Perfectly put, Forinil! And for those who would argue, note that it reads, "everyone is fully informed and consents". This means it is only cheating is one of the people involved is either not informed or does not consent. This works for many more people than one might expect and is a valid lifestyle.

By  samomaha  |  17

Sorry, but 12 is far old enough to know that cheating is cheating. My siblings and I all understood it a much earlier age. That you did not understand this and that you defend and write away your cheating with this flimsy excuse is indicative of a self absorption and self centered mind set that I know I would not be happy with. You should care about your partner, not yourself.

  CRC_101  |  31

I completely disagree. To assume that all 12-year-olds have the same experience is very close-minded. At that age, it is really up to the caretakers and people in their residence that define what they are exposed to. A kid that age who is homeschooled, isn't allowed to watch "popular" media, and has a similar group of friends, is an example of a kid who may not be aware of conventional relationship norms in early puberty (I know, I was one). There may also have been blurred lines - for instance, what she later decided was cheating may at the time have seemed to be dating two people - which a lot of people would not consider cheating until an exclusive relationship is agreed upon.
12-year-olds are dumb. They don't fully understand romantic relationships at all. I thought it was a good idea to prank my introverted boyfriend by telling him I broke up with him for an entire day and writing him a letter that I liked another guy in the class. Yeah, it didn't take me long to figure out that was a ridiculously stupid idea and learn more about relationships, but mistakes can occur at that age simply from ignorance. It shouldn't have an effect on relationships as an adult unless it was explicitly done to intentionally hurt someone. Even then, sometimes that's something one will grow out of.

By  SM79  |  6

First of your niwxex us a moron.

sSecondly, it's definitely OK to love more than one person. It's called polyamory. Which literally means to love more than one. As long as everyone involved is aware and consenting, then it's ok and it's not cheating. I have several friends in poly relationships, and there are different ways to do it.

By  Crowned Sataness  |  6

let him go. he was looking for an excuse.

loving more than one person is perfectly acceptable as long as everyone knows and consents. poly relationships can be very fulfilling and many thruples or moresomes last many many loving years