By szinna - 07/06/2009 19:14 - United States

Today, in an effort to seduce my husband, I laid in bed caressing myself. He walked in, looked at me, and said, "Is the ground beef in the freezer still good?" When I answered yes, he turned and walked out of the room. FML
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Give me a call, I'll make you feel like a woman.

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What the hell is up with people trying to play hard to get or trying to seduce people? ******* get off your ass, and tell him you want to be with him. But, yeah FYL AND YDI. Stop playing with yourself, and go play with your husband.


Give me a call, I'll make you feel like a woman.

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Your ladylips reminded him of beef curtain. FYL indeed

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You should have put that frozen steak in ur ******, then he would have had sex with you

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Wow you're so arrogant! I don't know what kind of men you've been with but a real man always puts his girl first.

Sometimes you just can't come between a hungry man and his food

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OMG haha. I feel so bad for you