By Schizomaniac - 19/09/2013 19:16 - United States

Today, the water went out at my house, so I resorted to taking some stuff and showering at my old dorm instead. While in the shower, I realized I'd stupidly forgotten to bring a towel with me. I had to spend ages drying my whole body with tiny paper towels instead. FML
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Lol sucks, op. Oh wait...First off: Kali, **** you. Now that that's out of the way, I got into the dorm building by waiting outside for someone to come out, as my ID no longer works. I phoned my old roommate but he was still happily asleep. Everything leading up to the paper towel moment was pretty hectic. I was on the verge of being late for an important class and when I got to school, my normal parking lot was full. LSU parking is a biznitch. The scene played out pretty much how pistachiopanda described it. It was pretty dramatic. On the plus side, "Make a Man Out of You" came on Pandora as I was driving to school. Silver lining.

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Next time, you can just let it all air dry. Or, let someone blow you. With an air blower, of course.

Water you gonna do, eh?


Next time, you can just let it all air dry. Or, let someone blow you. With an air blower, of course.

Oh, "air blower"

wingedangel123 8

Air blower. Maybe I should just start calling my hair dryer that, considering I rarely ever actually use it for drying my hair...

I've dressed up wet before. It can actually feel nice depending on the weather.

1 - your profile picture feels so appropriate for the moment.

I always used to call it a blow dryer where I come from.

I don't want to start a riot or anything, but the way you pronounce the word "air" is one of the very famous Arabic words for .... Penis.

Waters your problem?

Hey...Shower some consideration here

Yeah. At least OP didn't go out of the room naked. Otherwise they could end up in gel.

Water you gonna do, eh?

Allennis44 16

The punz

I was in a similar situation not too long ago, no water for 3 whole days. Not fun.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I'm in that situation now. My well ran dry. It's slowly coming up so I have pump on for doing the dishes and such, but god damn do I hate not being able to shower in my own house.

We went through the same thing recently #5. The company didn't show a record of our payment and wouldn't accept a bank statement as proof. Took a week (and paying the bill for a second time) to get the water turned back on. I showered at a friends house that entire time and had a couple of awkward encounters with her brother who didn't know I was there.

I just use my clothes to dry myself when it happens. Not ideal, but faster than using 50 paper towels.

Especially drying off with those tiny paper things. Those tend to leave behind irritating little "fuzzies" that don't come off even if you use all the fury in hell to try and brush them off.

Nicely done, Eli. I hope you learned a lesson here: NEVER use the showers in a dorm. Nothing good EVER came out of a dorm shower.

Fortunately, the tiny paper towels were just big enough to cover his "sensitive" bits. A regular sized towel would have been wasted.

that's exactly what your father said when I was born...

Miroku - I'm not sure to whom your comment is directed. Regardless, it isn't funny. Begone.

Agreed. Many an awful horror movie has ruined them for me. I can see it now... Op looking dramatically out of the shower to find- gasp- they have no towel. The camera pans in on the tiny paper towels as ominous organ music fills the air...

every1luvsboners 11

I disagree Doc, my sperm count was always lower after leaving the dorm showers. And that my friend, is a great thing. Wa 'Alaikum Assalaam.

hunteryager 18

Thanks 40, we all wanted to know that.

Boners! Where the heck have you been!

That's my worst nightmare. I have some condition where being wet in the air irritates me. Where if I have to air dry, I want to step on a puppy's head.

Espolax 8

I feel like there had to be a faster option

I forget the towel sometimes.

martin8337 35

Giggity giggity goo.

Schizo, you should have strutted through the girls' dorm.

Nobody should have to endure that, Welshite.

Maybe not, but I was hoping he would do it so the girls would laugh at him. The look of utter humiliation on his face would have warmed my heart like nothing else.

A whole new meaning to the walk of shame.