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  TwoBytesCarley  |  19

Physical attraction is a significant part of the initial dating process and some people are just NOT attracted to certain physical attributes. For instance, I have no interest in men who have a lot of muscle. It actually turns me off. Am I a ‘musclephobe’ for not wanting to date men who are muscular?

  nyoot  |  9

I agree with you, I'm the same way, but of course I realize fat just isn't attractive like being skinny is. Way I see it, if a person wants to be fat and wants to accept themselves for it, that's fine, but don't go trying to force other people to accept you.

By  Brightside86  |  23

Dating someone you're not attracted to would have been a mistake. I've tried it thinking to not give them a chance would be shallow and that they must have a highly developed social skill set to compensate.

Turned out to be a waste of her and my time. I should have said no from the start.

She's in a new relationship now, so just goes to show you theirs someone for everyone.

By  bleachedraven  |  14

I agree that we should encourage people to live healthy lifestyles...however you are NOT obligated to date anyone you don't want to. I'm picky and not ashamed of it.

By  BDove  |  17

Some of you really just don’t get it. “Fat acceptance bullshit, poor choices, encouraging them to live healthy lifestyles, etc” is harmful bc you assume every overweight person is like that by CHOICE. I was born with 3 different hereditary autoimmune disorders that have weight gain and lethargy as side effects (among plenty of other debilitating side effects). Nothing could have prevented this. I’ve always been overweight, even when I eat vegetarian, low sugar, low carb, etc. even when I went to the gym weekly I was STILL overweight. Y’all are too quick to make assumptions. Body positivity is not “supporting bad lifestyles” it’s about letting people know they’re worth love, worth equal treatment and aren’t “disgusting monsters” like some of y’all act like they are. The way some of you talk perpetuates that mindset. Why is it so hard to treat others with kindness?

Side note op: I don’t think you’re fat phobic for not being attracted to them. Rather than that, it might be a bias, but I wouldn’t call it a phobia.

By  faifai_fml  |  21

I am a fat chick and I am completely ok with people honestly not being attracted to fat people--as long as you're not a 500 pound weab neckbeard with a "no fat chicks" tshirt.

  bleachedraven  |  14

🤣 I'm chubby and I'm ok with it too, but I still reserve the right to only date who I want to.

By  thatisntmine  |  3

as a fat man, i don't want anyone to settle for me. the guy is just too soft to be rejected, but he should be used to it as a bigger guy or he's trying to say you're not attractive enough to turn him down, which screw him if so.

By  SM79  |  6

We are attracted to certain things and not others. It's no different than having preferences for blondes vs brunettes, short or tall people, very slender or curvy, etc.

I'm sorry they couldn't accept your answer gracefully. Especially when getting healthy is a choice they could choose to make if they're tired of being rejected for this reason. And I say that as a former fat person who's lost 80lbs in the last year and am only 5 pounds from goal.