By Anonymous - 25/02/2013 05:44 - United States - Saint Louis

Today, I came home from a rough day working two jobs to find a plate of cookies on my desk with a note from my roommates saying, "You deserve it!" I happily broke one in half to eat and discovered they contained coconut. I'm allergic to coconut, a fact both of my roommates are aware of. FML
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There's still a small chance they forgot...but if they didn't, that's just sad.

At least you realized it had coconut in it before you ate it.


There's still a small chance they forgot...but if they didn't, that's just sad.

It's more than sad, if that coconut would cause anaphylaxis it's attempted murder. Maybe they're after your room OP?

or they are after your jobs OP. One for each!

Jeeeez, your roommates are pure evil, OP.

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I'm thinking you pissed them off. Fall down and act dead

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she is right that is attempted murder...not an FML I would turn them in that is in no way funny...

Yeah, I'm fairly certain that could be considered a poisoning attempt. Have them arrested, they need to have their lives destroyed.

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Why would they do something like that?

They're psychics, and knew it would be an FML. The note was an act of Inception.

At least you realized it had coconut in it before you ate it.

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It only said he discovered it had coconut, not how he did. For all we know he could have eaten it, thus making the fml even worse

The FML clearly stated that OP broke the cookie in half and discovered the coconut. Also, since the FML failed to mention having an allergic reaction from eating said cookies I think its a logical assumption that OP did not eat a cookie.

Who the **** breaks cookies in half before eating them though?

Maybe they knew, and still think you deserve it.

Gee, thanks for pointing that out. I doubt anyone else would have noticed that subtle suggestion in the FML.

41- The "You deserve it" stated in the FML was implied that it was a good job type of thing,like a reward .

#103, I had to thumb you up because of your icon. Zelda FTW.

I don't know man, allergic or not, coconut is always good

Hmm, risk death by allergic reaction just to try some cookies, or not try them and live to see your roommates suffer for this near successful poisoning.....I'll go with the latter, thanks.

Wow that was pretty mean. It was something that could have potentially gone very wrong too depending on how severe your allergies are.

That's just mean. You should get them back. All you need is a goat, maple syrup, justin bieber, and vaseline. Do with them what you will.

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#39 Those are only suitable after you've been dine-and-dashed on.

I choose "lock them in a room and play music that they wish they were allergic to for 24h straight" option. Bonus if you tie them up and put it on headphones so you don't have to listen to it either, and they can't stop hearing it.

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Atleast you didnt eat it.... Get them back by turning their alarms off so theyre late to work or something

Yes, your roommates are irresponsible, you could have ended up in ER or worse if you had not paid attention. Whatever your relationship with them is, playing pranks on someone’s else health is downright dangerous and stupid. You should confront them about it. If they forgot, fair enough but it seems strange they’d pick the one flavor you allergic to. Stand up for yourself and make them realize that they should never pull a stunt like that again.

Wow what asses!!! U should go up to them & tell them the cookies were delicious to see if they react shocked... If they do then punch them in the face bc then they planned on causing you harm :)