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Today, my daughter asked me when was the first time I had sex. After I told her 22 she quickly shouted, "Beat ya!" She's thirteen. FML
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13?.... damn....

omg stop her now before she turns into a raging ****


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dude thats rough im sorry

I say fake

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i doubt its fake. i'm 13 and i've already had sex O_o i've only done it once but i would never tell my parents that i am in a relationship. i don't understand why people wait till they are married its not like its any different once your married.

wat a filthy ****. who cares about waiting for marrige, but doesnt mean gota be a ****

13? That means she's easy. My advice to you is to hit that.

so what your saying zombiegirl is that its no big deal that your easy to get into bed and are going to be used and worn out by the age of 18...Well when you put it that way...You're right! It is no big deal!

haha that's retarded

It's a big deal if your partner also abstains. That way, you don't have to worry about diseases. You might not need a condum. That's why people abstain.

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i agree with greenhacker

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Did Daddy have anything to do with this???

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I'll have sex with you!!!!


I'm 13 and hate when i hear about teens my age or younger having sex cuz it's just ***** and players trying to get in ppls pants they don't think first

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anyone avalible for sex cuz I'm a virgin

I can't say I'm too surprised, son.


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I agree with 529 not that he or she should be having sex till they're like 15 but wutev

She said she had it once... That doesnt make you easy or a ****. A **** is when you sleep around a lot and she said she only did it once... or not easy or a ****. But im not saying its right. You should wait until you are older and ready,especially if something goes wrong.

I even can not understand your. What are you looking for to having sex at such an age?

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I agree with 529. sex isn't that big of a deal as long as u stay safe. if my kids want to have sex I would let them as long as they knew the consequences and took responsibilty if they got pregnant. I'm 17 but I lost my virginity at 14. I wouldve hated to wait till 19 or 20. it's nice to do with someone u love.

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I had sex when I was 13 and became pregnant. I was sooooo worried my parents would find out I found some type of miracle drug that could kill the baby without killing me too

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641, that's HORRIBLE. Why would you do that?!? go to hell. I believe this is real thoo.

Me! I need to lose my v-card also.

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zombiegirl.... your a the equivilant of a nazi hooker. it is okay b4 marriage but 13? your like that girl that every school has the one semi attractive ***** that goes for anyone

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wow. 13! well I can't say much I was 14. but still. even if you don't wait untill marraige you should wait untill your a little older and it's easier to go buy condoms or birth control, and then if something happens an you get prego atleast you'll be able to handle having a baby.

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I agree with number one.

have fun being looser than a train tunnel.

I know a girl who at 14 became pregnant and her adult friend took her to get an abbortion, so now she's on birth control.


the point is that u dnt sleep with tones of different guys or have a child at 13. I'm not gonna wait till marriage but maybe be with my boyfriend for like 2-4 years

529: How would you know it's no different if you've never been married?

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u freak. I'm 14 and proudly waiting

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seriously! omg.. I'm 13 roo..

gatorsown 2

you're a pervert

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you sound like my best friend, and I've only had it once. I'm thirteen I don't see the point of waiting either

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thats no ******* miricle, if you're not responsible enough to keep the baby then you deserve to die along with it bitch

ah balls...sorry dude.

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actually #529, it does matter if your christian

STFU zombiegirlfosho and get back in the kitchen and make some damn sandwiches!!! You filthy *****, your the reason why your parents drink and leave you at home to go to the movies. By time age 15 you'll most likely be knocked up, kicked out your parents house, therefor homeless. Giving out Bjs for 23 cents just to feed you and fugly ass child!

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Wow, what kind of world is this? 13 year olds having sex, and being proud and bragging about it to their mothers? Or just trying to have sex as early as they can. Either way OP, you should probably talk to her about it. Punishment won't do much, since she doesn't understand and know what she's doing.

#694 I agree completely.

I agree 687 OMG kids r having sex at 13? it's kinda scary and that chick who took some miracle abortion drug is the absolute dumbest piece of shit ever. it's incredibly dangerous for the possibly pregnant person better off with an abortion.

yeah except when your married your old!!

I'm a *****.

I don't think you have to wait until your 25 or married, but these kids at 12, 13, 14 years old?! that's insane. YOU cant even drive or vote! i think everyone should wait until they're at least 18.

I'm thirteen too but I am definitely waiting until I'm married to have sex. what's the point of having sex with someone you love in middle school and then having them love someone else after you. middle school is just a place where crushes fly by and boys trying to get into your pants. I'm saving my first time for someone special not some thirteen year old I'd probably not see ever again after middle school

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So your saying your easy?lmao

most people my age( 13)are scared of doing it I'm not like scared but I believe you should be at least 16-17 and be with a significant man who'll support you and your baby

So? I had sex at 12. I think if you do it with someone you love, it's not that big of a deal. I'm still with the guy I had sex with 2 years ago. But FYL, OP. Bad parenting maybe? Watch your kids.

I agree with 724. People shouldn't be throwing away their virginity so easily. Majority of high schoolers are still too spoiled and irresponsible even when they hit 18. What makes you think a 13 year old is competent enough if s/he happens to have a child. The guy can ditch but he won't have a good rep with girls in the future. People are quick to judge and simply label things as they see 'em. If you don't wanna be labelled as a ****, *****, player and whatnot... you might wanna put off on sex til you're older. PS. You can reply but I won't be reading. Have fun with the discussion.

I'm 13. No point in waiting till marriage, but when I meet someone and we have a strong relationship. And I'm a guy saying that. Odd, eh? Point is, I don't wana jump into sex like other things. I am not a filthy bastard... Though I am technically a bastard, given my parents aren't married. We're all happy though! :D

@731 I hope you realize that it's more of an age thing than a healthy relationship. Although waiting until marriage isn't exactly necessary, having sex once you think you're in love isn't right. I'm a 14 year old guy, and I personally think that I'm not old enough, although I have a wonderful girlfriend and I'm completely in love with her. Just because you don't sleep around, doesn't make it okay to have sex at 13. It doesn't make it okay to have sex at all when you're that young. Think about it, you love a girl and you're 13. Do you want to take a chance of raising her baby? Do you want to get in trouble because it's against the law to have under-aged sex? Think about it.

570, that's absolutely true! Maybe by the time she's worn out she'll have raised a demented child... I feel sorry for her kid...

Imprison her in the house before it's too late, she will become a prostitute by the age of 16.

jesus ******* Christ. do I live that far in the ******* boondocks?! kids loosing their vriginity at age 12 and 13!? im 15 and am now just considering that maybe, just maybe, I might try having sex. can't you be happy with masturbation for crying out loud? I find this post and these comments very disturbing for the future of the human race. what makes you feel the need to risk getting pregnant at age 13 and destroying your life?

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there were these two seventh graders at a school I used to go to caught having sex in the bathroom... 0.o


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sweetie your just a baby you can't be doing stuff like this! imagine getting pregnant your while life would be ruined! please come in contact with me I need to talk to you

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If you chose to have sex at 13, your a ****

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641, that is sick I hope you burn in hell for that or get pushed into a fire if you don't believe in hell but really you are a child killer and I really hope that you get hit by a bus... filled with children and btw WHORE 13??? what is that come on people like you set bad examples for future generations I spit on you

o wow that says something about the parents

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oops sorry my bad

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wow your just in immature little girl that doesn't no what the hell she's talking about so stfu

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I bet she is emo,........****** scum of the earth!!!

thank god you have some sense 720.

bad parenting.

You probably have a one inch and a bad experience...

I don't think you can call her a ****. She doesn't do it that frequently. And besides, it's once.

Age has nothing to do with it. If you are in love, or if you are mature enough and responsible then it does not matter how old you are, in my opinion. But clearly seeing as she bragged about it too her mother, she was not ready.

touchy subject,all I gotta say is for the young ones saying its not a big deal u need to get common sense and I'm sorry for u dude fyl.

I'm sorry your daughters a ****! That sucks! Well, at least you can be there to help her with her STD's and fatherless pregnancy's

it does matter how old you arw you idiot!

there's a fine line between waiting and being a **** just saying :)

how is 15 any better! it's still illegal

so true

CumShott 0

it's nice to do it with someone you love? are you implying that at 14 you were 'in love' bc that's bullshit. if you're having sex at 13/14 or younger you're easy and that's extremely sad.

CumShott 0

wow, that's really smart. there arent many teenagers now that think like that, and I completely agree with you.

sadly my best friend lost her Vs at 13.. she also got pregnant.. lucky for her a friend paid for a abortion so her parents never found out.. 13 is really wrong. I mean.. what the hell would you do with a baby at that age..

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13?!?!! geez that's horrible!! I waited till I was 16.. and even now I feel I shouldve waited longer. I got preggo at 17. when she becomes a mom at 15 or 16 she's gunna regret ever having sex.. (side-note. i have two kids by the same dad, and yes I'm married to him. so you can try to give me all the crap in the world bout having kids so young but idgaf cuz they are my world)

ur going straight to hell

u kids r so stupid, u don't know anything how things work in this world do u!

true dat!

she would still have sex after seeing what happened to her?!

I'm 16 still a virgin and I plan to stay that way until I'm either married or have been in a relationship for mor than 2-3 years

I believe 529# is what we call a ****.

All the people who commented saying that they were 12/13 when they had sex but it's alright cos they were in love.. Ur dumbshits. I'm only 15 and I know that when ur in highschool and u have relationships, UR NOT IN LOVE. so instead of going out and having sex barely after hitting puberty, try actually going to school and creating a life for urself.

Lol **** much?

Whoa...that's kind of disturbing, why would a 13 yr old decide to have sex o.O?

its not the parents fault. kids do what they want when they want. your lucky she even told you. id never tell my parents that. you guys must be really close. and if you were just telling her 22 to make her think that she should wait then you should tell her when you really first had sex. but if not, then good for you. that mustve been hard waiting.

Damn you should get that girl on some birth control before she comes home pregnant and you have to pay for an abortion.

DisappearingRose 18

I'm 13 and I'm actually tempted to have sex with my boyfriend reading all of these comments about people doing it at a young age. If I was totally comfortable with my body I would but I'm not so I won't. I say that love matters more than age but age is also very important. If people want to have underaged sex and ruin their life then I think they have the right to. Everyones opinion is different and everyone should wait but nobody can stop them making the wrong choice. Some people are even doing it unprotected because they have low self esteem and think that nobody cares but they do and they end up alone with their screw up life just because of underaged unprotected sex.

^^ thank you at least some people d

are thinking responsibly, don't listen to the middle schoolers who think that they know everything.


what do you mean why would a girl have sex? that's like asking why would a fat person eat chocolate! haha

13?.... damn....

you need to her not to be such a *****

^^ 666 ^^ :0

slimmathers123 10

my friends been doin girls since he was 11

nice friend u got there -/-

wow, ppl like tht get aids!!

He must have Hepatitis F, I wonder if he even knows how to have a solid relationship...

A typical New Jersey teen.

that's not something to be proud of.

Georgieeporgiee 9

Welcome to the present world. Basically half the girls in my year have had sex, some lost it at 12. And it's funny because only 1 boy in my year has lost his. It's because girls date older guys who want sex, that's how it goes nowadays.

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dude what the hell is wrong with u its not the parents fault its her kid making the wrong decisions

It's both the parents and the kids fault.

albert17 0

the kid wouldn't be making stupid decisions if she had been brought up right. she also wouldn't be bragging about it to her mom.

a girl her age shouldn't even know what sex is. y the hell does she know?

haha she watches TV and goes to public school and probaly listens to rap music and u don't expect her to know what sex is?

JustinKingr 0

it's this thing in sixth grade called sex ed

636: My mother gave me a book to read when I was about five, and I was out of home before I'd even kissed a guy - clearly, your "logic" doesn't follow. More importantly, it's better children ARE told by a reliable source like a teacher or parent, rather than getting misinformation in the schoolyard. At 13, she's more than likely had a period, and she needs to know what that is and why it happens. Furthermore, if children are inappropriately touched, they will understand not just THAT it's wrong, but WHY it's wrong. If sex is something that's discussed in a matter-of-fact manner, they're more likely to be able to seek help, because they will have more understanding than shame.

636- by the time you're thirteen you should know basically everything abt sex -_-

My primary learnt sex ed in year 4. We were 8/9 years old. But a 13 year old is going out and about. You can't tie her on a collar and lead, she has to have freedom so this is not parents fault AT ALL!

the child is influenced by the parent and by friends.. she is a little *****

I actually laughed at this fml xD

gofferurself 10

How is this NOT the parent's fault? At 13, the parent should still have some control over the child and the child's access to media. Jersey Shore and pornos are not 13 viewing, hence the rating system for TV and movies. At 13, the parent is still responsible for the actions of the child.

all4pooh 4

Its not always the parents fault. Children who are brought up right can tend to go in the wrong direction

ARandomPersona 0

Wait you had sex when you were 8/9?!?

748-I do and i'm only 12

croy777 5

it depends if they talk to there children about sex so maybe it is there fault

etphonehome10 0

that's disgusting, honestly.

moe2119 0

No learned about it

You know, you had a lot of words stayed there, but I didn't get much out of it.

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No, "dumbass," if you're too young to legally give consent to sex, it's illegal to have sex with anybody other than yourself. Those kids are both technically guilty of statutory rape, i.e. they raped each other. Ok I'm being facetious, but it's still illegal in the United States (and at 13 it's illegal throughout the developed world).

StarCutie83 0

Actually you are right. In my state a few years ago, there was a case where a 15 year old boy was receiving oral sex from a 13 year old girl in the back of a station wagon at a bowling alley. They charged the boy with statutory rape of the 13 year old and the 13 year old was charged with taking indecent liberties with a minor. Yes Alamance County, NC is a screwed up county but it is illegal any age.

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jossiegregg 5

don't punish her?!?! really??? wow...some parent you're goong to be/are I feel sorry for your kids!!!!

509: Wrong. It's legal in Australia.

525, what do YOU mean? do u think 13 year olds should have babies? 13is simply too young and shame on you for thinking otherwise. don't think just because you've had sex Ed it's now ok to even have protected sex. ********** if you have such a sex drive.

Wrong. Many places, Australia for example, have provisions to allow consensual sex between people within a few years of each other below the age of consent. Not only that, the age of consent in some European countries is 13 (for example, Spain). Just because it's true where you live, doesn't mean it's true everywhere.

It is illegal but it's not statutory rape unless one of them is over either 16 or 18 years, I can't remember which, but it's one of those two ages.

mandibreann1212 6

Furries. Disgusting. Smh.

starburst7596 14

There's prostitutes Asia that are younger than 12

You know, considering 3% of little girls have sex before they're 12 (which, even at 3% is too many) least you can feel kind of a little better about that? Probably doesn't help though.

innerbeast86 3

and what percent of those are forced sex cuz that is a ****** up figure please tell me you pulled it out of your ass cuz myind can't justify it

omg stop her now before she turns into a raging ****

You don't make any sense. I understand your concern and that i agree she is to young but having sex does not make a "raging ****".

At 13 years old it most certainly makes you fairly *****-ish.

susannegela 0

You make no sense

I recommend a poisonous chastity belt. Dick goes in, poison comes out, dick falls off. Problem solved.

meaganwas 0

Wow, you might want to give that kid some condoms. I hope you've taught her to be responsible, but considering she's having sex at thirteen, probably not.

parenting failed.

9: Parenting might have failed, but kids who are promiscuous and/or become sexually active too soon have very often been sexually abused.

So that's a bigger parenting fail, then?

imhawaiian 0

No more going out for her

Slim_Shadyy_fml 0