Just a prank has its limits

By Anonymous - 28/06/2013 17:34 - Nigeria - Lagos

Today, my demented asswipe of a lab partner thought it'd be funny to replace the birthday gift I bought for my girlfriend with the large intestine of a recently-dissected dog. My girlfriend nearly fainted when she opened the gift box, and accused me of planning the whole thing. FML
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As far as pranks go, anything that ***** with a gift for someone else is taking it to far.

Create an...experiment...for your lab partner


Create an...experiment...for your lab partner

I heard raw eggs and orange juice go really well with coffee. why don't you give your lab partner a glass :D

mrdinofly 6

"An eye for an eye makes the world blind"

56 - If you let people pick on you, you get the reputation of being an easy target. Let people know that you're not one to mess with

It appears my joke flew over most people's heads. When orange juice and raw eggs are mixed with coffee, it creates an explosion, thus creating a sort of chemical revenge :P

As far as pranks go, anything that ***** with a gift for someone else is taking it to far.

Maybe suggesting where he got the intestines from?

That guy has a twisted sense of humour.

inthedopeshow 17

Probably because it's a required lab in OP's biology (or similar science) class.

It's definitely not unheard of. Most advanced science classes have to dissect dogs,cats,rats, pigs, etc.

I took a vet class, and I dissected cats, it was pretty cool too!

She should believe that you didnt do it...

Sadly… even OP planning this is not out of the realm of the inconceivable. Not that he did it, of course.

It's a good prank OP but he should have done it to you and not your girl friend.

shadowedpixie 19

You need to get that person back for this, BIG time!

olpally 32

Regift it and go dump that on his head. Asshole.