By ClydeBarrow - 29/08/2009 23:44 - United States

Today, I came back from a two week vacation. As I walked in the door, my boyfriend greeted me with a "Hey, honey! Could you clean the crockpot?" It still had the chicken in it from my going away dinner. FML
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He refused to go with me on vacation because he said that Italy was too hot. You can ask him why he didn't want to go. I put the chicken in a container and handed it to him because I figured if he wanted to keep it lying around the house while I was gone, he wouldn't mind eating it while he was finding a place that would take his lazy ass in.

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Do you even know the definition of the word "boyfriend"?

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I agree with #61 - the first thing i would have said is " and you didn't do it why? " Bravo for kicking him to the curb ... you definitely deserve better !


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nothing says "i love you" like cleaning old food

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lol this remind me of the time my friends and I was listening to some indian music

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seriously, you make the mess, you clean it up. it's not the ******* boyfriend's fault. :/ it was HER party. and she as just going on vacation. and who has a 'going away party' for a vacation? :/ AND the OP should know how boyfriends are. they probably aren't going to clean it, so you probably should.

Are you people ******* serious? First off, 41# is right. People don't host their own going away party, so someone else probably made the chicken. And secondly, Even if she had.. Who cares? No civilised person leaves chicken sitting there for 2 weeks. That's disgusting. If whoever does the cooking in your household (Assuming it's not you) went away for two weeks, would you just leave the food there that they cooked the night they left? The sad thing is.. You probably would. And that's absolutely gross.. Not to mention lazy! you people have no hope...

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Exactly, I don't know how the boyfriend lived there for two weeks staring at that disgusting old chicken. That's one dirty boyfriend, and I don't mean the good kind of dirty.

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that's the point, SHE WENT AWAY FOR TWO WEEKS. before she left, SHE should have made sure everything was cleaned, that's what normal and responsible people do, instead of just leaving a mess for her boyfriend. THAT is what is rude. and i think it is safe to assume the OP made the chicken, because it was IN HER CROCKPOT. if her family made it, they would have brought it over or something. what grown person has their mommy come and COOK in their house for a party? i've never been to such a thing. people BRING FOOD. and TAKE HOME THE CONTAINER. it was her crockpot, so i am guessing she made it. adults do cook for their own parties, you know :/

100, You obviously don't know Italians. My family comes together for every Holiday, graduation, birthday anything and we cook together, as a family in one kitchen.

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Awww Well isn't that sweet of him. lol

eew that is so unhealthy -____- my mom would kill me if I ever did that

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Nice to know that one of the moderators is in favor of sexism.

Oh woody get out of the 19 century and quit being a troll.

Woody, ignore those foolish wenches. They need to learn them places behind the stoves, they do!

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shut up you pompous sexist Internet troll pig!!!!

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Do you even know the definition of the word "boyfriend"?

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Haha.. My boyfriend wouldn't tell me if there was food in the crock pot. He would wait for me to find it myself, and expect me to clean it, but I do it anyways...

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yup. my husband does that. "oh i forgot that was in there..." uh huh. sure you did.

Men actually do forget shit like that.

My boyfriend does the same thing to me. Even if he made the mess.

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eh. it's not THAT bad. i mean, he didn't do it and then hoped you would when you got home. this is normal relationship stuff.