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Today, I went to my friend's house for the first time. As I was pulling up, I called him and asked him if I could use his bathroom. He told me to just go in the back and use it, so i did. As i'm sitting on the toilet, someone knocks on the door and asks me who I am. It wasn't my friend's house. FML
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whitewater_al tells us more.

well, I think I just realized why OP's don't respond to comments.

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well you certainly got yourself into a pickle my friend. but i think you are worrying too much because there is a world wide law is called in english: you gotta go, you gotta go. in spanish: tu tienes ir, tu tienes ir and french: tu devrais aller, tu devrais aller. anywho the law states exactly how it sounds if you have the urge to go (#1 or #2) you have the right to use anyone's toilette. This even works at the white house, trust me (i always have to go). So what you were doing was completely legal. embarrassing yes, illegal no so don't worry too much about it! have a stellar day!

Actually, I believe proper Spanish grammar would be ¨(Tú) Tienes que ir, (tú) tienes que ir¨. Tener que implies obligation. Tener implies possession or any of various temporary conditions. But hey, I could be wrong, since I´ve only completed Spanish I.

You are correct... Majored in Spanish, myself. :)

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u cant go into the white house cause u have to take a shit

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oh and just thought id tell u that it is awesome that u are replying to comments op

i thought thats just what people did...I just registered today and this was my first submission, I'm surprised it got on the site

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Wow that is neat.I don't think I've ever seen any OP reply to their own FML. Unfortunately I'm sure there's a lot of mean things people are going to say. But don't let what everyone says get to you buddy!

LOL That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. There is no law that says you can just walk into anyone's house and use their toilet. That's a good way to get your ass shot/ bit by the family dog or arrested for being stupid.

actually, the french was wrong too... (s)he was saying "you should go, you should go" ;)

In Spanish it would be more like "si tienes que ir, tienes que ir".

Dam... How hard is it to say in Spanish: Te tienes que ir..... its not tu tienes ir, or tu tienes que ir, its Te tienes que ir... I know this for a fact since I live in Panama, and we speak spanish here.

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Actually, you are also wrong, #125, because what you are saying, is more like saying You have to leave. Tu tienes que ir is the right way. And I know because both my parents are Hispanic and I've been speaking Spanish since I was born.

#120 Actually it's, "You have to go, you have to go". Sorry if I sound like a know-it-all or something ^_^' #69 Had it close though. It should have been, " *Si* tu devrais aller, tu devrais aller"

how did this turn into a argument on how to say something in Spanish? WTF?

you guys are saying: you have to go, you have to go. isnt it supposed to be: when/if you have to go, you have to go? (Cuando/si tienes que ir, tú tienes que ir.)

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You guys are funny with the whole Spanish debate. Doesn't each Latin country have their own dialect with how they say things? There's no point in correcting if that particular country thinks they're right. Besides we all got the gist of what was being said and it was still funny.

NO, it's "Si tienes que ir, entonces tienes que ir." because I'm white and I used Google Translate.


first. lol joking but haha that must be humiliating :(

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You dumbshit, I said lol jk. Jk = joking.

that would be really awkward. FYL poor guy

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Awh. That must have sucked, lul. One time I walked into the wrong backyard at my foster cousin's house. I looked around and ran out. Scary. o_o

this one made me laugh out loud for real. thanks OP!

well, the person who knocked was a younger brother of someone at my school, so he told his sister and she in turn told EVERYBODY. lol

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well thats not so bad at least you knew them and it wasnt some random stranger who like tried to kill you or something

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why would you call to ask to use the bathroom if you were about to see your friend anyway?

that's exactly what i was thinking. no one would do that.

if he got there before his friend did..

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I would do that. just how i am NOT everyone is the same D: