By Lizz - 6/2/2009 19:25 - United States
Today, I got up the courage to go to my very first voice lesson. I thought I did alright, but at the end my teacher told me, "Now don't worry about grades in this class, I grade on effort, not on talent." FML
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By  Rowena_fml  |  1

she might have just been letting you know and wasn't talking about your actual singing.
and some teachers are just weird. I took choir one year and the teacher hated me and was always giving non-constructive criticism about my singing, so i didn't take it the next year and he keeps asking me why i'm not in choir anymore and how he wants me to come back because i have "a beautiful voice." i was just like "umm that's not what you told me last year!"
and keep trying! you might have done very well, but you'll get even better with the lessons.