By joedoe - 18/07/2009 06:03 - United States

Today, after a night of partying, I woke up in the middle of my co-ed dorm lobby to the sound of giggles. I was in a thong with $1 Monopoly bills sticking out. I'm a guy. FML
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Blue_Coconuts 7

That was my first idea. Sounds like a good night.

That's a good night. I highly doubt guys were putting those dollar bills in. If they were dudes it would go like this: Today, I was wasted and my friend was stripping in a thong while i put fake dollar bills in his thong. FML.

Agreed with #1, that just made my life!!!

hopefully there weren't any new pics of you on facebook....

there will be, only an idiot would pass up that moment by not taking incriminating pictures of the hilarity.

meeeep 0

sounds like you were giving some lap dances

KittenOnAcid 1

haha sounds like a sexy party.

CyclonePsycho 1
gtdoll 0

YDI for being an ass. Ibimmer are u proud that thousands of ppl online hate you?

lmao sometimes your comments are just retarded but that one was ****** funny

You need to get a new hobby... or get laid... These comments of yours are just... -.-

Could be worse, your friends could've decided you weren't worth the monopoly money :P ^^

Nonnag 0

This is so true, personally atleast its funny and not creepy (Imagine what the people would have thought had there been no monopoly money... It would be more disturbing then funny...)

curryndricegirll 0

yeah. this is the tenth one that's like "boo hoo, my actions(aka drinking) have consequences"

Agreed. I mean it's your fault for drinking. At first I was like "wtf, how can you not wake up to that?" but then i re-read it and saw the "partying" part. YDI for being upset that your getting wasted ended up badly.

perrino123 0

you can never drink to much

Not upset, just sharing a funny story :)