By pancakelicious - 04/10/2013 11:16 - New Zealand

Today, a customer was paying for his food. As he placed the money in my hand, he said, "Careful, those coins are sticky." I asked why. He replied, "You know, male stuff." FML
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pancakelicious tells us more.

To everyone concerned: Yes, I washed my hands afterwards. Also, I couldn't refuse the money since my boss was nearby and watching my every move.

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I guess we found out what happened after the visit to the mint.


I guess we found out what happened after the visit to the mint.

Gingerette 8

You know, it'd be hilarious if these FMLs (not specifically these ones) actually crossed paths.

MileyC 2

OP should respond by saying "oh i don't mind. *plays with coins and creepily stares*

jw90 18

Haha I laughed out loud at this and scared he guy in the next stall.

Dusty_Busters 15

Well done! I don't know why but I love references to other FMLs in the comments FAR more than I should

tpm45 25

All people caught stealing balls from the golf course will have their balls taken away...

then000bster 16

Well obviously man stuff reffers to the sticky BBQ sauce he was using while manly cooking meat.

oh my god! that was wonderful! you saw the opportunity, and you took it. I laughed so hard!

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Call me stupid but I don't get it?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

What does Halloween have to do with this? I'm thoroughly confused right now..

I realized that my spelling is incorrect.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Well hot damn, you're right haha. My mind must have just read it as customer instead of costumer haha.

well when reading, your brain only looks at the first and last letter so that would make sense, in the middle of the word letters can be switched around

Wlel I gesus it's ture, but it's siltl vrey anoinnyg to raed.

AnthonyWheeler15 24

Oh god that's disgusting, sorry for the inconvenience OP, some people are just nuts.

addioty 19

*lowers sunglasses* I don't know if that pun was accidental or not. . .

Actually, it is possible, although unlikely, that it was MAIL stuff. Maybe like some of the adhesive on envelopes or something. I really hope it was that.

tpm45 25

And some people abuse their nuts...

Well, you know, male stuff covered coins. Delightful.

CockAsian 14

All of that was in the FML. All you added was the word "Delightful."

The word 'Well' was not in the FML. Aha! Besides, I like the word 'Delightful'.

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I thought #31 was a funny comment. #4, not so much.

Either way, #104, I like you. You other people must know that I shall never stop.

Parkour_rocks 20

I never get why people say just stop. Everyone has a right to express their opinions freely. The thumbs are how you should judge, not by being rude if you disagree. Unless your rudeness is humorous, then it's not as bad.

I deal with money at work and the coins can get seriously nasty. I had one that had some sort of oil on it...

This is why I see more and more cashiers wearing vinyl gloves at the register. People are just ******* nasty.

I once heard that a place in my local area would boil the coins they received in water before rolling them to send to the bank.

nowadays there are sanitizers at work. thankgoodness

I think they meant for OP to use the hand sanitizer...

That would have just helped his hands, not the coins. Unless he decided to slather all the coins he had with him as well. But honestly he really shouldn't have gotten anything like that on the coins in the first place...

That's a sticky situation! All jokes aside, hopefully you were able to sanitize or wash your hands soon after.

I think he enjoys dead presidents a bit too much

Why would there be presidents on the money?

I... I think I've finally found it, a comment too stupid to reply to

Not sure if troll or really that stupid. If it's the latter, then I agree with you, #88... #76's response was so bafflingly stupid I had to take a screenshot of the whole comment thread just in case any of my friends that I told about this refused to believe that anyone could actually be that ******* stupid.

Wow, I guess despite my overwhelming, unbelievable stupidity, I was the only one who noticed OP was from NEW ZEALAND?

Yes, because most NZ currency has major figures like the queen on their currency, which isn't very far from a president, learn a thing for once and then you'll have the right to defend your idiotic comment

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