By pancakelicious - New Zealand
  Today, a customer was paying for his food. As he placed the money in my hand, he said, "Careful, those coins are sticky." I asked why. He replied, "You know, male stuff." FML
pancakelicious tells us more :
To everyone concerned: Yes, I washed my hands afterwards. Also, I couldn't refuse the money since my boss was nearby and watching my every move.
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  Jiplo  |  18

Actually, it is possible, although unlikely, that it was MAIL stuff. Maybe like some of the adhesive on envelopes or something. I really hope it was that.

  Parkour_rocks  |  20

I never get why people say just stop. Everyone has a right to express their opinions freely. The thumbs are how you should judge, not by being rude if you disagree. Unless your rudeness is humorous, then it's not as bad.


That would have just helped his hands, not the coins. Unless he decided to slather all the coins he had with him as well. But honestly he really shouldn't have gotten anything like that on the coins in the first place...


Not sure if troll or really that stupid. If it's the latter, then I agree with you, #88... #76's response was so bafflingly stupid I had to take a screenshot of the whole comment thread just in case any of my friends that I told about this refused to believe that anyone could actually be that fucking stupid.

  Dre27  |  20

Yes, because most NZ currency has major figures like the queen on their currency, which isn't very far from a president, learn a thing for once and then you'll have the right to defend your idiotic comment