By Bellucy27 - 27/10/2010 03:00 - United States

Today, I went to the new Walmart to buy a space heater. After dodging cones in the parking lot, and trying to open several doors while employees looked on, I checked the sign, which said "24 hours." I then realized is stated that the grand opening is tomorrow. I'm now sitting in my apartment shivering. FML
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go to another store like target or something

think of the fun you'll have tomorrow though


Damn iTouch... Anyways, nobody told you to rush! You can always get it tomorrow.

...But OP will freeze in the meantime :[

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poor op :(

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Awww FYL for the meantime Op.

just get a shit load of blankets or if u set your apartment on fire I'm sure you'll be warm then lol

zakkyzebra 11

or dead XD

You could always stand in front of your open freezer.

kofinater 3

Is walmart the only place you are able to buy space heaters?

here is a great idea; go to another store. there are other stores other than walmart.

8 you could warm op up or wait warm me up... :)

Wouldn't you notice no cars in the parking lot? I mean, since when is Walmart ever empty...

think of the fun you'll have tomorrow though

vbrandon55 3

@cono1717 haha owned! Lol

lol this people

still makin no sense

Do some jogging on the spot, pushups and sit-ups! will warm you up quick enough!

lol speak for yourself, hahaha you don't need them.

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58-it's called sarcasm dude

Lol at explaining sarcasm to oc.

do u have fb

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eh... you'll be all right :) invite your man over to warm you up!

hope that op is a girl , otherwise really awkward comment. btw your pic is smokin'

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2010 seniors ftw

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I'll come warm you up anytime

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That's what blankets are for.

go to another store like target or something

target ftw. not because I work there, because it's the truth.

This. Not even for Target per se but because the OP apparently couldn't think of any other store (even some hardware stores are carrying space heaters) for the heater.

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exactly. op ur retarded, find a real store and get what u need.

Kent, Target, BestBuy, Zellers, Sears.. But of course you only tried Walmart?

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sorry to hear this op...i guess it is time to send those house-warming invites...

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op: "so that's why there were no cars in the parking lot...and here I was thinking I can just run in quickly and grab a space heater..." Wishful thinking op, wishful thinking