By bananayellowteeth - 03/05/2009 08:37 - United States

Today, I went to the dentist. After drilling my teeth for what seemed like hours, he gave me a long speech about how if I continue to smoke, the yellowing of my teeth won't be the only problem. I don't smoke. I never have. FML
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brush your teeth?

Drink less coffee/tea ^^


vanityinsanity 0

why didnt you just say "i dont smoke?" it's not that big of a deal

I brush my teeth all the time and my teeth still suck. It's genetics. Maybe you inherited shitty teeth. My teeth are wicked sensitive to hot and cold, they're kind of tinted yellow, and it hurts when I have too much sugar. A mento cracked one of my molars in half and for WHATEVER reason they haven't taken it out yet. Anyway... It isn't entirely your fault. I brush like crazy all the time, but the dentists always fucking lecture me... >.> You could always try brushing with a wicked strong toothpaste or something... Maybe some of those stupid whitening strip things...

Your picture sucks cameldick

that's fucked! but also kinda gross..

I'm sure if you would have said "I don't smoke" he would have began a lecture about how drinking coffee/tea does the exact same thing. He was just doing his job.

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omg i can totally relate! my dental hygenist told me yesterday that my teeth were so bad it looked like i chewed tobacco. she then stood up and was like "you don't chew tobacco... do you?" i don't and i never had. dental hygenists are such bitches. i brush my teeth like crazy but i just inherited soft teeth. it sucks.


I had to leave my former dentist because all they would do is berate me for my gums and teeth, even after telling me how it's genetic. Once the hygienist actually made me cry.

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#16: wtf is your problem? Seriously, you don't even know the OP. Dude, gtfo. Wow, that sucks. You should lay off the coffee/tea. Because that could be the reason, and try brushing your teeth with a little baking soda. Brush your teeth twice a day, eat BEFORE you brush your teeth. Floss right after you brush your teeth. Mouthwash, oh and try to get some of those tablets where they show you if you have plaque or not. *sorry I went to the dentist yesterday, and they had this good oral hygine[?] video on replay:)*

So your teeth are so yellow that he would assume you are a smoker? YDI for not having good hygiene.

curious_missy 1 dentist gave me the same speech when I went in to whiten my teeth. When I told him I didn't smoke and never would, he told me to stop drinking so much coffee, coca-cola, I just told him he'd make a lot of money off of me bc I would never give up those things. He smiled lol! Just tell your dentist that!!!