By MrRadin - 04/12/2015 05:31 - France

Today, my roommate thought of a new idea for our household. According to him, we should take dumps at work as often as we can, that way, "we'll save on toilet paper at home." FML
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Does he want you to shower in the rain to save water also?


mds9986 24

Not only do you save money, but you also get paid to poop at work if you poop on the clock.

Not to mention clog the toilet at work rather than home and not stink up your house

I completely agree! That is definitely the most efficient thing to do! Toilet paper is very expensive!

I like to calculate how much I'm making pooping at work

unless you have a problem pooping in public restrooms

Am i the only one who has a "fear" of pooping in public places. Im only comftorable doing my buisness at family places etc

Does he want you to shower in the rain to save water also?

I mean you can always eat ketchup packets to stave off hunger instead chips too. but I don't rink he's being all that crazy in the original idea

maybe he just doesbt like when you fart nfront of him

Between spelling, "nfont" and your comment in general, this may very well be one of the dumbest comments I have laid eyes on.

my phone is awful, I type too fast and miss some words.

truckers_wife 23

you can always check what you wrote, and FML gives you 120 seconds to edit your comment

still your comment was stupid, like your "phone".

Well, he's not wrong. That's quite the idea.

Steve95401 49

Dumping at work will also reduce your water bill at home.

That's a good idea. Too bad can't always control the timing of your dumps. Another good idea is to stock up on napkins from fast food places and use them as toliet paper.

You could also take toilet paper home from the office then shit in a bag and dump it all when you get back to work. Just saying...

You probably shouldn't. Using that kind of paper could actually clog your toilet as it isn't as easily solvable as toilet paper. This is why you shouldn't flush anything other than toilet paper. It can also get quite expensive if you have to hire someone to unclog the toilet.

truckers_wife 23

however my family uses fast food napkins as paper towels, we probably cut our paper towel cost in half by doing this

your body actually becomes accustomed to pooping at the same time.

Tbh, would probably actually save toilet paper.