By VeeDubDisaster - United States
Today, I went to start my just bought '79 VW bus. I put my key in but stopped due to the strong gasoline smell. I went to check. Found puddle of gas. The previous owner figured duct taping a cracked tank was the same as fixing it. And didn't bother to share that tidbit with me. FML
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  st0815  |  9

It's a 30 year old car - sure you can check it out, but having it checked out is probably more expensive than the car. It probably doesn't make sense to keep this on the road, unless you are a mechanic yourself.

  MamaC_fml  |  0

Or any car for that matter - my folks bought a brand new van one time and took it to the dealership within a few months to replace a broken button on a door - no big deal. Until the mechanic took the casing off the inside of the door and all the pieces fell apart; it turns out the door was majorly damaged at the factory and was put back together with super glue, to be sold as new. Fortunately the dealership had no problems replacing that door at no cost to my parents, in addition to providing them with a rental until the job was done.

  harmony88  |  0

Asking to have a mechanic look at a car you're interested in buying is quite normal. It's cheaper in the long run to have the mechanic check it out before you buy it rather than after.

  Endo22  |  0

Having a car inspected is a completely normal procedure and is by no means going to cost more than a repair itself. People are just stupid when it comes to buying cars.

To the OP, you're an idiot and you fully deserve what you got.

By  Erindub  |  0

Well good news its a good car because its cheap and super easy to fix these things on your own. My first car was a 72 VW Bug. It caught on fire in a gas station : ) drove that puppy home though and no one got hurt

  phantomdonut  |  0

My first car was a 72 bug also! My parents bought it for $80 - really! It had no engine or tranny and had to be completely re-built. It was a project car and my dad figured that between the two of us working on it on weekends, we could have refurbished it by the time I was ready to take my road test two and a half hears later. I did some basic body work on it, but eventually sold it to a local collector we'd met. He had a few other bugs and a bus that he'd restored to showroom condition. Last I heard, he'd fully restored it and sold it to someone in the Hamptons.