By toobad - 29/11/2011 19:29 - Canada

Today, it's cold and rainy. I would like nothing more than to drink hot chocolate and watch a movie with the woman I love; the same woman who cheated on me and took the TV with her when she left. FML
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Was she cheating on you with the TV?

That's why they have television on computers now.


at least he can still have the hot chocolate…

iAmPaul 49

Seems like this FML was caused by OP's desires. Therefore not really an FML because one can learn to control one's desires. Oh and quite an unoriginal first comment.

Must . . . Think . . . Of . . . Stupid. . . Pun

n_epic_fail 14

Make yourself some hot chocolate and plot your revenge...

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If it sucks so bad you should steal it back and do what 67 said...

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You should not have let her take the tv. YDI for letting her

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67- I read your comment and the first word I saw on your picture was FASTER!

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Demand a samich, a beer, and your tv.

Go put a 52" TV on layaway at WalMart. And be glad the thieving cum dumpster is gone.

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Boats n hoes boats n hoes. Everytime I cum, I produce a quart. ( sorry, those are the 2 parts I remember hahahah)

If you're going to make a first comment, it's gotta be something creative or funny. "that sucks" doesn't quite do the trick. Rather, it's kind of implied because it's an FML!

91 - nadyy14, is facepalm the only thing you know how to comment? That's essentially all you've said for the last few FML's. *facepalm*

121- Maybe she will say something else and have a C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! I'm sorry, I had to do that.

Bitchslapped i like your profile pic haha. But yeah @#1, ur comment does kinda suck, if it didnt suck, then why would the OP want to put this on FML?

tehslack 5

This does suck, but just have the hot chocolate alone and be glad you're not with a cheating bitch.

are you always a whinny little bitch? or are you a try hard troll?

She stole your heart and broke it. I'm guessing she will end up breaking the TV she stole too....

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It shouldn't suck anymore. Move on, she was a cheater, and they aren't worth sadness spent on them.

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Huh...I'm trying to figure out the difference from comment #1 and comment #2 But i can't! God this is gunna bug me! *slaps forehead* OOH, she added "really" to her comment! duh.

Mary-Janes the only girl for me. Never cheats and can always count on her to make my day better!

^ your 16. Longest relationship you've prob had is like a year. And I'm not one to talk I'm only 18.

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168- He was talking about weed I'm pretty sure....

#168 why even bother criticizing then? two years can't make that much of a difference. Also, he clearly meant weed

168, if you are not one to talk, by all means don't.

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Was she cheating on you with the TV?

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Care to explain how she might have accomplished this?

flockz 19

his dick has nothing on its rabbit ear anntenae.

This is where OP realizes he has a spare remote and goes outside his ex girlfriends house to change the channels randomly just to piss her off >:D Have fun OP, that should lighten your mood :D

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I'm from Oklahoma and say y'all too but I didn't think anything else could be said

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I'm from Mississippi, and we say "Y'all" every other word. Guess you didn't know that, huh?

I find it interesting that the 3rd comment got thumbs up yet the first two got thumbs down.

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Apparently "sorry that sucks" has so much more endearment to it than just "that sucks".

^ I ****** hate stupid ass yanks who don't understand English...

That's why they have television on computers now.

I don't really think the TV is the selling point of this FML... But this is a true FML

LOL yes 5, THAT'S why they have tv on computers.

Are you trying to be clever? Laying on the couch in front of the tv with your feet up is Nothing like sitting at your desk watching a monitor.. There are some moments that technology cant change! Screw internet tv!!

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Although this is off topic, you know you can plug your computer into your tv and have your TV as a computer monitor right?

Yes 161, that is why there is Internet on computers now. Some Asians read this FML and felt so bad that they decided to create it out of sympathy for OP

Hahaha no offence but I'm an insecure moron. :D

How about you *LOSE the face paint? I hope you took full offence from this comment.

What the heck I wrote no offense loose the glasses someone hacked

The ugly girl was offended. :( . Yeah I'm sooo insecure. Insecure enough to change a comment?? Lol fail or ur part.

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Cherrygurl101 - You are an insecure moron if all you really have to criticize on this FML is what a fellow commenter looks like in their profile pic and nothing about the actual FML. You deserved it.

there are ways of getting the tv back, both legal and illegal you know, I, personally would get the law involved after seeing if shes willing to give the tv back first. it never hurts to ask.

8 - I wouldn't recommend getting it back the illegal way, just saying.

I would have thumbed up this comment if you didn't include the "Just saying." bit.

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Oh.. Oh dear /: terribly sorry, OP. Women can be terrible.

your comment... so polite. yet your pic... so rude.