By Some people - 27/3/2021 15:59 - United Kingdom


Today, my flatmate was criticising his nephew for being too lazy to get a job. His nephew actually has a physical disability, so I pointed out he never had a job since he got 50 rental properties at 19 years-old when his dad died and makes a fortune on the rent. He then told me that waiting for his dad to die was his job. FML
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  Plop  |  9

Considering the OP seems to be female, and the flatmate is an entitled d*ckwad, there might be more to it than just "enjoys living with people". But I'm probably reading too much into it.

  toodamntall  |  7

It's common practice: lots of rich people actually live very frugal live, it's part of the reason why they're rich. They won't spend money on things they don't need to and find every way they can to save money.