By Dreadge - 15/01/2010 19:37 - Israel

Today, I went to an amusement park with my family. A couple of cute girls started talking to me, telling me how much they liked my dreads. Seeing this, my mother stepped up next to me, patted me on the shoulder, and said, "This here is my little baby, treat him nicely!" Thanks, Mom. FML
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perdix 29

Your mom is just dreadful.

txgirl09 5

Oh parents. They're too much.


txgirl09 5

Oh parents. They're too much.

brigittebabe09 0

lmfao! parents always have to ruin things.

ydi for having a mom

ahh shit, ur black aren't u op (no racism intended)

dylan211996 0

ok bro y was u wit cha moma at da amuzement park

I kind of want to kill you. Use your English.

saranottelling 7

cuz he waz der wit his family at da amuzement park, spending sum time wit dem. (I'm practicing my bad spelling and sentence structure)

Mest_Is_Wicked 0

suck a dick, choke on it, and die.

Crasken 0

you'd just love seeing him do that wouldn't you

itskaleebaby 0

I totally agree. Use proper English please.

cmon, they're just imitating the way how black people talk.. after all, them blacks are the only ones with "cute" dreads

baby_val 0

wow.. bitchy much

depotst 0

lmao I thought the same thing

redsox4021 0

yo g I be wonding de same thang. son u be axing fo trouble goin to de park wit yo fam. they be always embarssing you son go wit yo peeps homie dats de wey te go

hellz yah, tell 'im

hay redsox u spelt trubble liek a dumass

Don't you mean, "ay me breda, why you dun go to da' 'musemen' park, seen?"

how are u gunna come up and say that all black people talk like that, thats just ignorant you moron

Lawlihearttigers 5

Stupid. Just stupid.

trueblue170 13

#2 - I'm very tempted to throw a dictionary at you, good sir.

perdix 29

Your mom is just dreadful.

bridgette5866 0

Hahahaha. Puns make me literally LOL.

I can just see this happening; a huge Jamaican-style guy with dreadlocks, smoking a joint the size of a rolled-up newspaper getting both cock-blocked and praised as an angel by his tiny, frail old mother.

In Israel, no less.

It's a strange world, but that would add to the scene, wouldn't it? Maybe if he was drowning in fake gold chains, other bling, and packing some obvious heat, it'd be more plausible...? ... Nah.

bawse 0


epoh_fml 0

moms FTW! I hope to one day embarrass my toddler the same way :) Only the keepers will stick around.

maybe he just wants a fuck, not a keeper.

josephbrandon 1

that's what you get for having dreadlocks

youthink_fml 0


dylan211996 0

ay girl chill out

perdix 29

Would you rather her say, "You dirty whores better leave my little boy's penis alone?"

"You dirty whores better leave my boy's little penis alone" word placement is crucial.

Newbie21 1


m4d_h4tT3r 0

lmfao at allmidnighteyes. that was great. epic fail for you. probably wouldn't have landed the girls anyways with your mum there. :]