By Anonymous - 10/11/2010 01:31 - United States

Today, there was an animal rummaging around in my trashcan, so I kicked the trashcan to see what it was. The fox then chased me for three blocks to find out what I was. FML
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stupid! don't ever kick a trashcan that you know has an animal in it!!!

Karma is a bitch, isn't it? HAHAHA!


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Ehh I would've done it too for entertainment.

I love this!!!!!

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Haha...Megan Fox.

stupid! don't ever kick a trashcan that you know has an animal in it!!!

#2 is right. you light it on fire.

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No, you put a handful of bullets through the trashcan first.

No, no, no, you are all wrong. You stick a hosepipe in it and then hold the lid down until it starts overflowing.

no... you make sweet love to it while calling it a dirty girl until the animal comes out with a Wtf look on its face.

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and stretchmarks on it's butt.

you light on firee?

Karma is a bitch, isn't it? HAHAHA!

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wow, that was a really stupid thing to do. Baka.

BAM! japanese insult!

gotta love using Japanese insults!!

You do realise, 'Baka' means calling yourself an idiot. Sooo.. Yeah.

omg. someone trying to correct poor japanese with even poorer japanese xD

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Anata wa bakadesu. :D There, happy now?

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YDI! poor scared fox. and if you knew it was an animal, why kick the garbage can? what if it was something rabid and decided to attack? or even not rabid and just defending its food stash. not real smart

See this person is intelligent. Hy would u kick anything living? Would u kick ur mother if she was having a heart attack on the floor? Of yes than society really deserves to die.

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how are you going to compare kicking a trash can to scare a wild animal away to kicking your mom while she is having a heart attack?

worst comparison ever. :[ |the kid|

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I'm thinking that if the fox chased him/her for three block 1. it probably was rabid. Most foxes try to avoid people. 2. it was a really slow fox, or 3. he/she was a really fast runner.

Damn #33, that was lame as ****! Ironic that you started talking about intelligence & here you are full of fail.

43- I was thinking that, most foxes are pretty quick..

you ran from a fox? I can't really criticize you for that, as I've never seen a fox before. but they look so cute on tv xD

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We have red and gray fox where I live. They're very small; barely larger than a cat. They're much more afraid of us than we are of them, so the fox may have been rabid to chase you. Regardless, you should have stood your ground and kicked it for a field goal. YDI.

dont be fooled they are evil lil bastards

I'd do the same thing if you interrupted my meal like that

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Aww. I would have pet it and named it Meowzers

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I like how your picture has a razor in it yet your info says you have a droid. lol and if you submit an fml maybe they will post it.

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Its probably and old photo. No one has a razor anymore.

# 13. WIN

Lol!! You get what you give haha

i guess you're not as cunning as a fox