By badhair - 13/09/2009 03:12 - United States

Today, I went to a salon. As soon as I walked in, someone ran to me and inspected my hair and said, "We can fix this." I was there to get my daughter's hair done. FML
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YDI for having shitty hair


YDI for having shitty hair

Seconded. There must have been something seriously wrong with it for the hairdresser to make that assumption. -------- VLOG WIN:

This isn't even a FML. Oh noes! your hair doesn't look nice! It's the end of the world!... wow.. how the hell did this get posted on FML..

it doesn't mean she had shitty hair. some people in salons can be just obnoxious, and they will just spit out their opinion. it's just ridiculous

Do u have shitty hair?

hahahahaha wow

The classic did you loss a fight with a lawnmover hair. FYL

YDI for calling this an FML

email me,!!!

don't worry, barbers tell me that all the time.

AHAHA! xD that's so classic. i hope you let them fix it. and #4? win.

wow....people shouldn't assume....that's just plain out RUDE :(

Today, I made an effort to get out of my 1 bedroom apartment and make some money for my five kids and laid off wife. Salon was empty untill a lady and her daughter came. I told her "we can fix this!" to my family. She cussed me out. I am being evicted tommorow. FML