By badhair - 13/09/2009 03:12 - United States

Today, I went to a salon. As soon as I walked in, someone ran to me and inspected my hair and said, "We can fix this." I was there to get my daughter's hair done. FML
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Seconded. There must have been something seriously wrong with it for the hairdresser to make that assumption. -------- VLOG WIN:

This isn't even a FML. Oh noes! your hair doesn't look nice! It's the end of the world!... wow.. how the hell did this get posted on FML..

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it doesn't mean she had shitty hair. some people in salons can be just obnoxious, and they will just spit out their opinion. it's just ridiculous

The classic did you loss a fight with a lawnmover hair. FYL

don't worry, barbers tell me that all the time.

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AHAHA! xD that's so classic. i hope you let them fix it. and #4? win.

wow....people shouldn't assume....that's just plain out RUDE :(

Today, I made an effort to get out of my 1 bedroom apartment and make some money for my five kids and laid off wife. Salon was empty untill a lady and her daughter came. I told her "we can fix this!" to my family. She cussed me out. I am being evicted tommorow. FML