By Badhairday - Canada - Whitby
Today, I arrived at the salon to get my hair done for prom. The lady at the front desk insisted I didn't have an appointment. After looking back on my recent calls, it turned out I called the wrong number and whatever asshole was on the other line played along. FML
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  chach485  |  9

Yea OP, I saw this somewhere but you should call him and say how you always screw up and never do anything right, then cry for a minute then play a really loud gunshot sound so it seems like you killed yourself bec

By  MandyO  |  15

On the one hand, that asshole is incredibly spontaneous and creative to have just gone with it. On the other hand, that leaves you in a really crappy spot!

By  SammieIsabella  |  15

That's a really messed up thing to do. I would just relax though, get your hair done, call them back, go to prom, stew about it, have fun, find out where they live, graduate, cut the person to pieces, and move on with life.

  suprisebitch  |  20

School ends late where I live (UK) which is mid July and we have our prom when we're 16 because that's when we officially leave high school. We normally have study leave which means we finish at around the end of May and have prom after the last exam (that's how my year done it anyway, we organise prom ourselves) and that was the 24th June

  Isandri  |  29

Since the pranker must be a creative person to just go with the OP's call, he must be rather intelligent, so I doubt he would go with giving her his credentials or bank info ;)