By Badhairday - 11/06/2015 23:14 - Canada - Whitby

Today, I arrived at the salon to get my hair done for prom. The lady at the front desk insisted I didn't have an appointment. After looking back on my recent calls, it turned out I called the wrong number and whatever asshole was on the other line played along. FML
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Call back that asshole and prank him back.

Be a good time to book an appointment with them now. If you explain to them what happened and that it's for your prom they might make room for you!


Call back that asshole and prank him back.

Yea OP, I saw this somewhere but you should call him and say how you always screw up and never do anything right, then cry for a minute then play a really loud gunshot sound so it seems like you killed yourself bec

Because of him. Guaranteed to scar him for life

Be a good time to book an appointment with them now. If you explain to them what happened and that it's for your prom they might make room for you!

On the one hand, that asshole is incredibly spontaneous and creative to have just gone with it. On the other hand, that leaves you in a really crappy spot!

Cart? Clot? Chat? Cost? What is it?! I can't take the suspense.

I'm not sure what comment #24 used to say, but I like to imagine he gave in to the jeers and wrote out c**t, then got moderated for his troubles.

That's a really messed up thing to do. I would just relax though, get your hair done, call them back, go to prom, stew about it, have fun, find out where they live, graduate, cut the person to pieces, and move on with life.

I think you're the love of my life... I'd do that too.. maybe even eat the person..

"Get your hair done" that is so funny. Being prom day there wouldnt be a hairdresser available!

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My school prom was in June, and I had my Geography exam the same day.

Since school ends late where I live (June 23), our prom is late too. Might be the same case for OP.

Besides FMLs don't necessarily have to be current.

Usually schools in the north US and Canada start in September and end in June.

School ends late where I live (UK) which is mid July and we have our prom when we're 16 because that's when we officially leave high school. We normally have study leave which means we finish at around the end of May and have prom after the last exam (that's how my year done it anyway, we organise prom ourselves) and that was the 24th June

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If this is the biggest issue in your life currently consider yourself blessed.

I hope you still managed to get an appointment :)

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Call him back, change your voice. Tell him he won a million dollars, and that he should give you his SSN and bank account#. Let the fun begin.

Since the pranker must be a creative person to just go with the OP's call, he must be rather intelligent, so I doubt he would go with giving her his credentials or bank info ;)

The point was to prank him, not actually scam him(I hope), so it's good if he doesn't give up his ssn.

Call the asshole back and pretend he's won money and collect it he needs to collect it from any business make him look a tool