By watchyoself - 28/12/2016 21:45 - United States - Miami

Today, my boyfriend had the very expensive watch he got me for Xmas resized. I dropped it trying to put it on and shattered the glass. The warranty won't cover it because of the adjustments made. FML
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Don't get all broken up about it. Things will be fine in time.

Maybe it's a smart watch My apple watch broke falling on the floor. Don't want to bring the apple haters, but it is pretty crappy


Better believe he won't be wasting any money on you in the future. Enjoy the cheap gift sets and chocs from now on ;p

Don't get all broken up about it. Things will be fine in time.

Warranties cover manufacturing defects. Not abuse.

They don't. It's probably a Fossil or something. "Expensive" means different things to different people. No way this is a Tag or other comparable quality watch.

Expensive means different things to different people, I'm not bashing anyone here. But this was a relatively inexpensive watch, nothing high end. Probably a Fossil or similar quality brand that uses glass to cover the face... Tag Heuer, Rolex, and other high quality brands use a damn near indestructible sapphire crystal to cover the face. Warranties cover manufacturing defects. Not abuse or accidents. If you drop your tv and break the screen, Samsung would tell you to kick rocks too unless you specifically purchased extra protection for something like that.

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But even a $200 Tissot or Seiko has a sapphire crystal. This person's definition of "expensive watch" must be only $50-100 for it not to have a sapphire crystal. And even then, they don't usually shatter easily. The crystal on the watch my dad bought me 10+ years ago is slightly scratched from being thrown around, worn in a machine shop (while using the tools), and tossed in my bag 90% of the time, but has never come close to breaking.

If it fell just right or landed on something (a rock if they were outside of the store) it could've broken when a "normal" drop would've been fine.

I agree... but when I was in high school I thought a Fossil was ungodly expensive and that I'd never want anything higher end "cuz it's a waste." Lol So like I said... it could be expensive to them depending on where they are in their lives. I've worn a Tag every day for 6 years... including when wrenching on cars, diving, mountain biking, snowboarding and stuff. It has all kinds of dings and dents on the stainless chromed bezel and case but there is not a single scratch anywhere on the crystal. It's honestly amazing to me. I've got a ~10yr old Seiko that's the same way. But a Fossil I had in high school was so scratched after a year that the glass looked foggy.

Maybe it's a smart watch My apple watch broke falling on the floor. Don't want to bring the apple haters, but it is pretty crappy

The pun in here was brilliant, I really can't see why it was downvoted!

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I think he may have been conned. Mid to High end watches use Sapphire glass which does not shatter upon being dropped. It may be the gift was not quite as expensive as you thought.

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Just want to kindly point something out about Fossil, my Fossil, both of my sisters Fossil watches and my Vrother-InLaws Fossil watch went through multiple deployments, daily mechanic work and the abuse a flight EMT can put them through and kept right on ticking. The few times they failed for something other then a scratched face the warranty covered 100% no matter what adjustments were made. I'm not saying they are expensive (my diving watches are considerably more so) but for quality they will survive just about anything and you can count on it to keep going under stress.

Glass can be replaced by a jeweller, relatively cheap. The most I've paid was about $20 on a men's fossil.