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Today, I finally got up the courage to quit my first job. I spent hours determining the most professional way; the method, and the wording I would use. In the middle of the phone call, my manager hung up on me. FML
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OP here. Yes, a letter would have been better, but I was scheduled for a shift that I couldn't make it to, due to having two jobs and time was of the essence. If I called off of my shift, I was afraid I would be fired. Furthermore, they would not let me find someone else to cover my shift, believe me, I tried. The shifts would not have coincided if either place would give me a schedule. But they wouldn't. Work was also closed, so I couldn't go in person to explain. I gave as much notice to my manager as I possibly could by calling. I had no contact information other than the store's phone number that I found online. At the time of the phone call, I was TRYING to give my 2 weeks notice but the manager hung up before I could. Oh well.

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A letter dating the last day of employment would have worked better. You don't have to speak with them, and its documented in writing.

Well, now you know you made a good decision.


Well, now you know you made a good decision.

Sounds like he made it easy for you. Good riddance.

At least you didn't have to waste any more breath talking to that jerk, and you never will again!

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He doesn't deserve to be in a managerial position. I feel sorry for you having to work under them at all. Best of luck with your endeavours!

A letter dating the last day of employment would have worked better. You don't have to speak with them, and its documented in writing.

This is good advice- I just quit my job by leaving a note because I wanted to give enough notice and neither of my managers were at work. I thought to myself how I should be doing it in person at the time but now I realize it went smoother that way

I wrote a letter out stating my last day, explaining why I was leaving and thanking them for employing me for the last 11 months. It felt so nice to hand it to my manager that treated me like shit. He glanced at it and said "well, you can have today as your last day" although I had booked that day off, and it was payday the following day. I was more than glad, however it might've been easier if I just spoke to him.

Be professional, always give 2 weeks notice and resign in person, never on the phone, email or text...

I was going to say, lol! OP must not have spent as long as they said considering the most "professional" way of quitting.

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At my last job when I gave my two weeks resignation letter, I went to do it in person. I gave my boss my letter but he gave it back to me and told me to send the letter through email.. so it really depends on the job and your boss's preference... but I do agree with you. Generally, always do it in person.

There is nothing wrong with a letter of resignation being sent via email. It is still documented and can be sent to all necessary parties at once (supervisor, GM, HR etc.) especially if it is a company that has its main office in another city. I have always brought a letter for my direct supervisor, and emailed the others. This way no way can deny that you gave notice.

Exactly what I was thinking, you spent hours deciding on a professional solution for quitting your job and decided calling to quit on the spot was the best solution? Kudos for the courage, maybe working on your decision making skills.

A lot of places require notice in writing. After all, docs or it didn't happen. ^_^

I just looove when managers have such professionalism. At least you did the right thing, although I would suggest a letter of resignation next time. They can't hang up on that.

You know what would have been professional? Doing it in person and handing them a letter of resignation. Quitting over the phone is the job equivalent of dumping someone via facebook or text.

Your manager sounds like the type of butthole to say they fired you and don't have any proof that you resigned ALWAYS write a letter and resign in person, so that they can't deny it.