At last! Well done!

By dumbgirl4lyf - 01/10/2012 18:24 - Ireland - Monaghan

Today, I finally realized how stupid I am, when I answered a question correctly in class and my teacher started clapping and cheering. FML
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It might just be the entire class that is stupid. I know I basically jump for joy when one of my students act intelligently.


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Hey don't worry about it! Everyone has their days!

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I think 1 meant everyone has their days when they feel stupid... Which isn't totally true but makes more sense

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That doesnt make you stupid! Hopefully you just might not be good at that subject or you're quiet (so when you do answer questions its few and far between)? Maybe?

46- these are replies, not comments. Also, you meant 31, not 36.

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46- oh theres a rule? -_- didnt think so

Is it a life rule to not act like an arrogant bitch to everyone when you're wrong? Didn't think so. It SHOULD be common courtesy to keep immediately relevant posts to it's respective thread, and make an entirely different thread when it's not intended to contribute to a post that already exists. But you wouldn't know anything about courtesy, would you?

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Every time the teacher finishes a problem just start cheering and clapping. "She finished another problem!! Wow!"

You should tell your teacher how she made you feel. I admit some students just don't try to learn, but a teacher should not be making you feel inadequate for learning. It's more likely to discourage students from wanting to come back to school.

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Baby your only sorry you got caught!

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Damn I'm sick of people making faces like: 0.o, O.O, c:, x.x ... They don't even make sense

If you're going to make a face, keep it on your face. Since this isn't a chat room, there's no reason for you to share it.

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What? She cant be happy for you?

The teacher is obviously not being so sarcastic it hurts and it definitely doesn't seem like he/she is trying to humiliate OP by cheering and clapping.

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Beat me to it, Skoomaki. If the teacher was sincerely happy for OP she would have told her that she was impressed with her progress, not make a scene in the middle of class.

Sounds like an immature teacher to me. Perhaps she's need to go back to college, and learn public relations again.

I have a teacher who does this to me. I mess around in his class a lot and enjoy annoying him. He is very sarcastic with me and likes to mess with me, too. This may be the case, but I doubt it.

TOO!!!!!!! ......Sorry, I don't know what came over me

he's excused for this one time...he's an extraterrestrial

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53- But English isn't their first language. My theory is that their first language is a mixture of sign language and complicated blinking.

Actually, he's a sleeping bear which morphs into a were-alien in the moonlight. Obviously.

No. He just took a picture of me and used it as his profile pic.

... *way to go op." close enough though. *brofist*

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6- For some reason your comment made me think of the asshole teachers who would always tell students to wait to go to the bathroom in the middle of class, with no real reason for making the student wait. Or the teachers who, after being asked "can I go to the bathroom", would reply with "I don't know, CAN you?"

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That's when I say "okay... MAY I?... Bitch(under breath)"

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61- I remember once I hit about 4th grade, I would just stand there and stare at them awkwardly until they let me go to the bathroom.

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I used to eventually pee on myself. Lol no just kidding but it was damn close!

Stand up and take a bow, make it enjoyable for everyone!

It might just be the entire class that is stupid. I know I basically jump for joy when one of my students act intelligently.

You're a teacher and therefore at the very least partially responsible for educating and improving your students, you claim it is astonishing when a single one of your students behaves with even slight intelligence. Okay, now let's consider the facts, whose fault is this likely to be, even partially....?

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64 obviously had bad experiences with teachers. While I believe teachers are held with some responsibility for the education of students, some students really just don't pay attention, don't give a **** about education and fail because they fail to pay attention in class. Hate when students victimize themselves for lack of a "better" teacher...

No I have a degree actually. I just remember teachers who inspired and impressed us by treating us all with the same level of respect and enthusiasm and giving extra help to those who needed it. I also remember teachers who were there for the paycheque and nothing more. OP's teacher seems to fall into that category, as does any other teacher who claims all students are stupid and unsusceptible to attempts at education..

Honestly, I feel sorry for the teachers at my school. They're forced to deal with so much immaturity. You deserve a slow clap...

I'm sure you're more ignorant than you are stupid. Ignorant is fixable - stupid is permanent. Start pushing yourself a bit more and I'm sure you'll get there. Edit: By "get there" I meant get less ignorant. Not get stupid. >.>

Well, not everyone can be right all the time. If you're struggling in that subject, try getting a tutor.

If you're like me and have ADD and dyscalculia, tutors don't really help. And medication is hard to afford these days.

No one is ever right 100% of the time, but it doesn't sound like OP is even close to being correct that often.. :)

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48- Is it ironic that I read dyscalculia as dyslexia at first?