By Anonymous - 11/05/2021 00:01

Today, I was told I can’t wear a nose ring at my new job because several customers "don’t like it." It’s a very small nose ring and the job is a shack that serves food through a window. FML
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So are we not wearing masks while still in a global pandemic? That’s nice.

Get a clear ring so your hole doesn’t close


did they bring up a dress code when they hired you? if not, it's probably another employee who doesn't like it.

check the employee handbook. if there's nothing about piercings, you're good

Fair or not, if she's in an at-will state the employer can require anything and fire her for any reason not specifically covered in anti-discrimination laws. And it sounds like it's a small place if it's a "shack" like one of those summer snack/refreshment places. Unfortunately the asshat of a manager/owner can do whatever he sees fit, including changing the dress code after she's already started.

Get a clear ring so your hole doesn’t close

Jessika Jensen 7

I would find the smallest stud you can, and put it in. I know a guy who just had his nose pierced and it looks like a speck of glitter. He works for a well known gas station chain. Or do not change it, and honestly? People can get over it. I agree with another commenter. Check the employee handbook. Usually if tattoos are allowed so are piercings.

I'm a server and I scratched my nose in front of a table and popped my stud right out. if you're willing to deal with a mask that will give it time to heal up while hidden

So are we not wearing masks while still in a global pandemic? That’s nice.

So are we not wearing masks? That’s nice

Places that sell food usually require you to take all your jewelry off before your shift starts so that it won't accidentally fall o someone's food or something like that

... actually you should not have piercings in your nose or mouth while working with open food. I don't remember the exact reason but it's like a bacterial thing I think.

okay but common sense would say not to wear facial piercings if you're handling food.