By P DarklyKira

Broken bum

Today, marks the 29th day since I missed my haemorrhoid surgery. They told me to wait because it's not life threatening and so that I don't get the virus going to the hospital, which I understand. The problem is, even though I take suppositories, it hurts badly and bleed each time I have to take a shit. FML
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By  AmbrosiaFan  |  18

This is only one horrible issue that is going on because of the lockdowns. It isn't "essential" to some, so that means leave those who NEED these surgeries to suffer in agony for less than 5% of the population that should be staying home... Hopefully you get relief soon.

  rotflqtms_  |  18

Not everyone Knows they should be staying home. Someone has it, but has no symptoms, they give it to you, you have no symptoms, you give it to your grandma, she gets it. She gets it Bad and ends up in the hospital while you just have mild symptoms. She dies. You recover. You just killed your grandma because you didn't have symptoms, and neither did the person who gave it to you. You didn't know you had it until way after you gave it to your family. They have been spreading it for a week without knowing. Your kids have been going out on play dates because you didn't think they should have to follow the lockdown order. They infected their friends & their friends infected their families. They all go out and mingle and infect everyone else. It continues and there is a pandemic. Why? Only the 5% of people who Needed to stay home because they were considered at risk stayed home. Their families didn't. Their families infected them anyway and they still ended up getting it and being hospitalized and put on a vent and most of them died.
unfortunate turn of events...

now...had everyone stayed home for a few weeks, it would have run its course and been out of everyone's systems in a few weeks, and everyone who had it would be symptomatic by the time lockdown was over and their families would know to isolate and quarantine since someone they were on lockdown with had it. And in a few weeks it'd be over and we could get back to normal... but it doesnt work like that... People don't want to wear masks. People keep disobeying simple rules
Don't go out unless it's necessary.
"wear a mask if you must go out. Wear a mask in stores" practice social distancing, practice good hygiene.
They keep infecting other people and it just continues on and on...
Not gonna say a mask will protect you from getting it, but it'll slow your chances of spreading it unknowingly to others, especially the asymptomatic. I'd like to believe no one goes out knowing they're sick to intentionally infect others.